Best-in-class picture quality and advanced functionality

AdcommTV has teamed-up with industry-leading, Samsung, to provide our customers with a wide range of display solutions product portfolio to meet the specific needs all of our markets.

Consumer grade screens are those that we see at Best Buy, Target and possibly in our own homes. For most people, this is as far as their knowledge of screens goes. They support high resolutions (up to 1080p), come in sizes up to 65 inches and perform very well under normal household use. Commercial screen models are now being designed specifically for extended-use applications and some also include features such as enhanced burn-in protection and cooling mechanisms.


  • 1. Bezel Design for 24/7 Use
  • 2. Overall Cost Savings
  • 3. Longer Lifespans
  • 4. Product Warranties
  • 5. Multiple Input Connections

With exceptional picture quality and sound, these stylish displays treat our clients to a totally immersive HD viewing experience. Best of all, each display is a SMART TV, giving guests a whole new level of interactivity that's exclusive to Samsung. With SMART TV 2.0, the hotel experience now includes smart mobile device support, embedded features and access to a multitude of apps and widgets.

Key Features

  • Stunning UHD (4K) picture
  • Premium slim-direct lit LED technology
  • Sansung LYNK™ REACH 4.0 content management solution
  • Mobile device integration using SmartView
  • A host of built-in features


Enhance the guest experience and improve your efficiency with Samsung LYNK™ REACH 4.0

Regardless of your type of property, regardless of your infrastructure, today's hospitality consumers expect a differentiated, luxurious experience that offers the same comfort and convenience they enjoy at home. Samsung's LYNK™ REACH (Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality) 4.0 display management solution enables hoteliers to provide a personalized environment that delivers that experience, while simultaneously improving their own operational efficiency. The fully integrated LYNK REACH 4.0 system grants hotel managers visibility into and control of hundreds of on-site displays through a central remote server, and elevates these displays into all-in-one hubs for personalized content, application and channel access. Additionally, LYNK REACH 4.0 accommodates any new or existing hospitality communication infrastructure, including coax, LAN and Wi-Fi, to drive faster and easier implementation.


AdcommTV offers cutting-edge solutions that can cover the patient room, the hospital cafeteria, the waiting room, hallway navigation, donor walls, as well as teaching centers. And the solutions are easy to implement, update, or change because of display features such as integrated Wi-Fi, modular touch overlays, and an embedded media player.


Stunning picture quality, low energy and installation costs, and an interactive patient engagement system makes our Samsung television portfolio the choice for hospitals and long-term care.


When it comes to displays, bigger is usually better—unless you're talking about the CRT monitors of yesteryear. Today's large-format displays offer features and benefits that far exceed the offerings of old CRT displays—large-format LCDs take up less desk space, they are easier to move, they consume much less power, and they last longer.


A video wall consists of multiple computer or television monitors tiled or overlapped to form what appears to be one large screen, and they are becoming more-and-more popular! Here are the main reasons why they can benefit your business:

Cost Effective. In recent times, this technology has become far more affordable than you may imagine. Any business with a moderate revenue stream can use this type of digital technology to easily benefit their bottom line

Captivating and Engaging Entertainment. The interactive options work on holding attention whilst the digital effects can catch the eye of even the busiest onlooker. Once you’ve captured that attention then you can lead them through your chosen message

Interactive. One of the most fun elements of the video wall is that it can be interactive. Customers can zoom-in on what they find interesting and relevant through the use of smart technology

No Software Required. Video wall are NOT reliant upon expensive software. You can take full control of what is broadcast by running it through an internet connection

Save on Man Hours. The video wall can act like another employee by communicating your message, educating and inspiring customers while human employees attend to other tasks