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DIRECTV Residential Experience Plus

(DRE) brings the luxury of in-room entertainment to all your guests. Along with over a hundred HD channels, your guests can also enjoy On-Demand entertainment. DIRECTV Cinema utilizes an on-site video caching server to minimize Internet streaming which reduces your cost and is less taxing on the hotel Internet bandwidth. Guests will appreciate having access to the latest On-Demand titles.


High-speed Internet is a must for any institution whether hotel, dorm, medical or military. Guests have come to expect wired or wireless networks for multiple devices.


adcommTV manages and supports both wired and wireless network solutions so you have the freedom to attend to your business. Affordable terms make this amenity easily available. 24/7 technical support is there when you need it. The most advanced grade Wi-Fi along with a variety of Gateway features allow for authentication, billing and bandwidth management including flexible bandwidth.

Deliver an at-home experience fully integrated with Internet, so casting is seamless, right from check-in.


Big entertainment for any size hotel.

COM2000 is the latest HD Headend and is perfect for any size establishment. The modular design reduces cost per channel by up to 50%. And you get twice the HD.

More games. More guests.

DIRECTV offers the most sports packages to satisfy any sports fan. Get NFL SUNDAY TICKET in all rooms, bars and lobbies with DRE Plus.

Satisfy their appetite for entertainment.

With over 150 channels in the XTRA package, guests will find original series,sports,movies and more. Now they can relax and enjoy their stay.