adcommTV makes it easy to upgrade your property

Upgrade your property with DIRECTV. Residents will love having access to the best in entertainment programming. adcommTV can customize a solution specifically designed for your property. Adcomm is available to you anywhere in the U.S.

Bulk programming is available. As a property owner, you may choose to provide base programming or more. Your residents can then choose to upgrade the package. Your residents are billed directly for individual programming packages, equipment, etc.

DIRECTV offers over 315 channels including exclusive sports packages such as NFL Sunday Ticket, entertainment packages and thousands of On-Demand titles.

Whether your property is under construction or you own an existing development, adcommTV can customize a solution for all your needs.


Direct-to- home service

Residents are billed directly for their individual programming package, equipment, and service upgrades with 24-month, 12-month, and month-to-month options.

How to bring DIRECTV to your property

Whether an existing property or new development under construction, we can quickly customize a solution


Access to excellent TV programming is a must for singles, young couples, and families. Upgrade your property to DIRECTV and see the difference.

Gated Community

All the best TV entertainment requires technology. adcommTV works with clients to customize installation for a uniform look so everyone can enjoy DIRECTV.


Upgrade your condo to DIRECTV. and families. Rental or owned, guests will love the incredible features.