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Digital signage has a recall rate of 83% – Higher than TV, radio, online ads and print


Commercial-grade digital signage offers businesses of every size the tools to elevate and expand their marketing and sales reach. As an industry-leader, and partner of AdcommTV, Samsung’s digital displays and signage are guaranteed to deliver refreshing content that engages, informs and entertains. SMART Signage Solutions are engineered for maximum performance and reliability. The better your displays look, the better you look. No matter what your application, from indoor promotional displays to outdoor direct view LED installations, we can help you find the smart digital signage solution that works for your business.

Indoor LCD/LED

Most indoor flat-panel displays use LCD (liquid crystal display) technology. The commercial-grade LCD TV displays typically consist of a protective glass layer, an LCD sheet (a liquid sandwiched between two plates), with a light source behind them. In today’s LCD displays they use LED backlights to light-up signage. They have brightness measurements up to 700 nits, which is bright and readable in indoor situations but washes out in full sunlight.

Direct-View LED

Rather than using LEDs as the lighting source (as most LCD displays do), direct view displays use LEDs as the screen itself. In other words, the LEDs act as the individual pixels of the displayed image. A key measurement here is pixel pitch, or the distance between individual diodes. Generally, the smaller the pixel pitch, the closer a viewer can stand to the screen and still see a great image. Indoor displays may have a pixel pitch as low as 1.5 mm (and therefore a lot more LEDs), while large outdoor displays can have a 6-25 mm pixel pitch or higher. Direct-View LEDs offer outstanding brightness and energy efficiency, and can bend around curves and wrap corners. They also come in modules that fit together seamlessly, without a visible bezel.

Outdoor LCD

These displays are built to withstand temperature highs and lows and elements such as rain and wind, as well as using special glass and coatings that protect against vandalism and graffiti. They’re designed to be readable even in bright sunlight, which requires a high brightness level of at least 2,500 nits. These screens may also feature technology to make them clear and sharp to people wearing polarized sunglasses.


The evolution of video wall technology has piqued the interest of businesses seeking new engagement strategies. Cutting-edge UHD picture quality brings even the smallest visual details to life with amplified brilliance and clarity. Additionally, modern video walls are designed with convenience in mind, reducing installation complexities for owners worried about their ability to get these displays up and running. With common hassles eliminated, there are fewer obstacles to deter on-the-fence users from making an upgrade.


  • Be a tool to interact with your customers
  • Provide information and entertainment while customers wait
  • Make environments more attracting and engaging
  • Display anything from UGC to ads to media to video
  • Reduce printing costs and time
  • Provide additional revenue from advertisers
  • Engage customers at the point of sale
  • Provide referral recommendation for products and brands


  • Maximize efficiency through an all-in-one solution
  • Extend content presentation capabilities without the expense
  • Amplify image clarity in any environment
  • Enjoy continuous, uninterrupted performance
  • Clear image delivery under ambient lighting with non-glare panels
  • Maximize visibility even up close with extreme narrow-bezel
  • Ensure powerful performance and simple usability
  • Provide convenient control through centralized receiver
  • Utilize an embedded, user-friendly media player
  • Guarantee the highest level of durability to ensure long-time use
  • Enable advance calibration technology for accurate color
  • Showcase content through High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology

It will be easy to make seasonal, weekly or even daily changes to what’s on screen or done across multiple display types and locations, and can be created in-house or contracted to an outside vendor. These tasks can also be addressed with an out-of-the-box digital signage solution that comes with content management software and templates to help you quickly design and schedule simple content yourself.


Built to support Samsung’s product line of signage, MagicInfo™ Solution responds to such needs and has since positioned itself at the forefront of digital signage management solutions. It allows you to create content, manage functionality with the stamina and resourcefulness to keep up handle the demands of your business. Conveniently create, schedule and deploy content across your entire digital signage network and extract maximum ROI.


As business practices evolve, Samsung will consistently deliver solutions with the newest technological advantages to support the needs of business partners. We continually stretch technology to stay ahead of industry competition, developing the most advanced and differentiated products that are specifically designed to increase productivity and efficiency. These monitors offer leading-edge features and technology that make the workday faster, more accurate and more productive.

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