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Campuses, Training Space, Universities

As the educational field is becoming more up-to-date with technology, out-of-date outdoor signs, chalkboard and paper signs are no longer the preferred means to inform the school’s community about the latest information regarding the school. Digital displays are the most recent tools being incorporating in schools, as the old-fashioned pen and paper are becoming obsolete. AdcommTV allows schools, universities and other educational facilities to stand out from its competition by modernizing the campus with the best technology available with classroom collaboration software, digital curriculum and professional development with Samsung displays and signage.


Bases, Barracks, Housing, Lodging

AdcommTV is working to deliver cutting-edge, government-focused, technology solutions for endpoint security, immersive training and workforce productivity that will meet every mission’s needs. Continual advances in U.S. military make it imperative that military personnel stay up-to-date with the latest changes in digital displays, commercial TVs and signage. Our unparalleled entertainment solutions paired with the best in HDTV, news, sports, and variety of programming makes it easy and affordable for service people to enjoy their off-duty time with only the best technology available today. Plus, we offer Military and Veteran discounts!


Jails, Prisons, Detention Centers

AdcommTV is one of the smartest ways to keep costs under control and provide quality programming throughout any size facility. It’s easy to install, easy to maintain, and one centralized satellite dish serves an entire building or complex. Our education and entertainment solutions for correctional facilities offer programming packages that are customized to meet the specific needs of the property/location. Also, our flexible programming options allow daily, weekly, or ad hoc scheduling for each display with daily automation of changes without staff intervention. Custom advertising or information screens are also available.



  • Control unlimited number of TV’s
  • Control of facility-wide tv programming from single work station
  • Control content-specific programming and customized messaging


  • Built for rigorous business use with longer warranties
  • Built with security and control features for complete protection
  • Built with integrated systems that allow centralized content management


  • Deliver displays designed to last and get noticed
  • Deliver targeted and timed messages to specific locations throughout the facility
  • Deliver high-quality signage that are user-friendly

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