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By 2020, 60% of all business will have articulated an organization-wide digital platform strategy



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Digital connectivity with outdated methods have challenges. Garbled audio on conference calls, or the need to dim lighting to compensate for struggling projector bulbs are among the perennial issues that undermine office efficiency and effective collaboration. Today, however, office spaces are getting equipped with new technologies that make the most of everyone’s time and effort through a series of digital transformations including digital signage.

Both small businesses and corporate offices use digital office signage for directories, internal communications, wayfinding, and welcoming visitors. High picture quality and commercial reliability deliver eye-catching large-scale viewing experience in a cost-effective solution. They are intuitive, easy-to-manage design and Samsung display options will improve overall operational efficiency while reducing cost from installation to content management to service calls. AdcommTV digital displays that are guaranteed to deliver high-quality content and their durable components and optimized power consumption provide reliable, cost-effective solutions.


As the modern workplace evolves, businesses require more versatile displays to ensure uninterrupted communication and expand idea sharing. With best-in-class picture quality and exceptional durability, Samsung digital displays elevate the traditional viewing experience, helping businesses deliver content that engages, informs and entertains. In particular, advanced professional displays can enhance collaboration, communications, and productivity.

  • Conference Centers/Rooms
  • Meeting Spaces/Rooms
  • Training Centers/Rooms
  • Boardrooms/Breakrooms
  • Entrance/Lobby Space
  • Waiting Areas/Rooms


Captivate and inform

Boost morale and drive productivity from the break room to the boardroom with all the entertainment, news, and exclusive sports they love at home with AdcommTV. The ultimate TV experience is just what is needed to enrich the ambiance of the office and improve the morale of your workforce or clients. Bring in over 100 channels of news, sports, and entertainment with the power of DIRECTV. Offices will have access to HDTV and local channels at no extra cost.

AdcommTV offers more than just TV entertainment with the Play Music Choice Channels service aimed at motivating the team all day long with favorite and new tunes with a variety music channels—and without any additional licensing fees. Unlike cable, you can get DIRECTV nationwide, and they offer 99% worry-free signal reliability, based on a nationwide study of representative cities.


AdcommTV, partnered with industry-leader Samsung, has designed business monitors that offer leading-edge features and technology that make the workday faster, more accurate and more productive. Enjoy a comfortable viewing experience during long hours of work while revolutionizing performance throughout the office with advanced features for professionals.

Innovative by design

  • Stunning, quality hi-res images
  • Eco-saving technology
  • Eye Saver Mode reducing fatigue
  • USB convenient connectivity
  • Ultimate single-cable connectivity
  • Extends mobile devices without hubs or apps
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