Hotel room charging stations

Stand-out from the competition and increase guest satisfaction

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Your guests live with technology. They rely on their devices, and you want to make them feel at home with their tech devices during their stay. It’s no easy feat to stay atop of new smart technologies or with guests upgrading their devices, but AdcommTV sets itself ahead of the trends to provide you with the best solutions. Let us navigate this changing landscape to meet your guests’ needs and make them feel at home with hotel-friendly features. We’re on top of all the new devices and technologies and can help you meet the expectations of all your high-tech and traditional guests. NONSTOP products are designed specifically with the unique features that are needed to work for the SMART guest room.

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Guests First

We designed our products from the ground up to delight today’s guests who are focused on their mobile phones and portable devices. With Qi Fast Wireless Charging and Dual USB ports, they’ll never go hunting for an outlet again. Plus, friendly features like dimmable displays and Lightsleeper™ means they are sure to sleep well too.

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Designed for Hotels

We understand the functional needs for hotels. Our products are equipped with a wide array of hotel-specific features like single-day alarms, Auto-DST, and security features to prevent theft. Minimize the service burden on your staff with easy time set and our innova­tive battery-free clock memory.

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Decor-Driven Design

From form factor to unique decor inspired finishes, even our stock options are anything but standard. Our design team uses wood, fabrics, and other modern elements to wow guests. Make your property memorable and increase repeat stays by featuring your brand, loyalty programs, and promotions. Ask us how you can customize your project.