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Samsung Healthcare TV

Entertainment is the Ultimate Bedside Manner

Samsung’s healthcare TVs provide stunning HD picture quality and an at “home-like” experience with Pro:Idiom™ decoding that gives patients an expanded lineup of HD channels and is intended to lower costs and reduce maintenance. The patient can select the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to watch TV shows, news, rent a movie, access the web, or view Over-the-Top (OTT) Smart applications from the welcome screen. Simply copy and transfer TV settings from a designated Master TV to all target TVs using a USB memory device. And, Samsung’s LYNK REACH® CMS makes content management simple. Plus, our healthcare TVs are compatible with many interactive patient education systems. AdcommTV’s commitment to your patient experience, safety, superior service, warranties, and an incredibly dependable line of commercial LED televisions allows us to bring the most advanced solutions to the healthcare industry at the most competitive prices!
View of patients using the Samsung Healthcare TV and remote


  • Clear, comfortable pillow speakers that amplify the content engagement of guests
  • Compatible web application development
  • High-impacting, secure content performance via the integrated H.Browser
  • Simplified operations for guests and staff through a customized home menu
  • Centralized, real-time room management via LYNK HMS Server connectivity
View of a Samsung Healthcare TV