Alleviate Guest Concerns About Hidden Cameras

Do Your Guests Think There’s Cameras In Your Rooms?

The Stealth Remote Prism™ is a fully HIDDEN IR Receiver, that is guaranteed to solve the camera problem. Now available for DIRECTV® Residential Experience (DRE), and all cable systems.

• Stealth is a low cost, direct replacement for the scary
• IR “Camera” installed on the front of your TV.
• Stealth installs in less than 1 minute and is guaranteed
• to be fully hidden and never fall off.
• Hundreds of thousands of Remote Prism’s already installed in hotel rooms across the country.

If you have IR Receiver’s mounted on your TV bezel, then you need Stealth Remote Prisms instead.

Key Features

• Does not look like a camera! Fully hidden.
• Will eliminate guest complaints and unease.
• Low cost, quick, and easy to install.
• High performance & high-reliability IR Receiver, functions better than all of the competition.
• Provides corner to corner coverage.
• Almost permanent adhesive, will not fall off or get knocked off by house cleaning
• Eliminates unnecessary tech support calls
• Detachable 1M cable to fit most Set Back Box installations, other lengths available.
• This Patented Technology is already installed in hundreds of thousands of hotel rooms across the US.

Now available for all cable systems, DIRECTV® Residential Experience (DRE), and all VOD systems.

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