Consumer vs. Commercial TVs for the Hotel Room

Consumer vs. Commercial TVs for the Hotel Room.
The Difference is in the Details.


Commercial: Commercial TVs typically come with standard two-year warranties with the option to purchase extended coverage. Post-sale services also include exchange for any damaged TVs upon arrival or on-site repairs by certified technicians.

Consumer: Consumer TVs have limited warranties (i.e. 90 days) that can be voided when TV is used in a commercial setting. Hotel owners would have to incur the full cost of service which negates any savings generated upfront.


Commercial: Commercial TVs are compatible with technology solutions that allow content across hundreds of in-room displays to be managed from one central location. This allows for much more efficient operations of your hotel.

Consumer: Commercial hospitality technology solutions cannot be operated with consumer TVs without external hardware, certification, and labor. Overall, extra costs are incurred to set-up each in-room display individually.


Commercial: Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology is typically required to deliver HD entertainment to your guests. All hospitality TVs come embedded with Pro:Idiom and/or LYNK DRM technology to ensure secure deployment of content across multiple rooms.

Consumer: Consumer TVs do not come equipped with encryption technology to protect HD programming from illegal duplication. A set-top box would be required with each television which would significantly increase ownership costs.


Commercial: Commercial TVs offer lockable features to prevent guests from tampering with the settings such as lock-out capabilities on the TV rear panel and menu display. Another popular feature is the volume limiter which prevents guests from causing any disturbances.

Consumer: Consumer TVs lack the ability to lock-out guests from altering the TV settings. All Samsung commercial TVs come with lock-out controls and volume limiters to prevent guests from causing any disruptions to your day-to-day business.

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