Nonstop Alarms & Charging Stations

Alarm and Charging Stations Designed for Hospitality

Technology progresses, guests are on the move, and design trends forward. Our products are uniquely compelling for hotels because our business is a unique collaboration of award-winning product design, backed by experienced consumer electronics’ manufacturing and led by seasoned hotel-savvy management.

We’re on the pulse of the latest tech and design to appeal to a wide variety of today’s guests. From tech-savvy road warriors and adventure craving Millennials to families on vacation and guests looking for traditional comfort. Nonstop is a technology that makes guests feel at home.

Guests First
We designed our products from the ground up to delight today’s guests who are focused on their mobile phones and portable devices. With Qi Fast Wireless Charging and Dual USB ports, they’ll never go hunting for an outlet again. Plus, friendly features like dimmable displays and Lightsleeper™ mean they are sure to sleep well too.

Designed for Hotels
We understand the functional needs of hotels. Our products are equipped with a wide array of hotel-specific features like single-day alarms, Auto-DST, and security features to prevent theft. Minimize the service burden on your staff with an easy time set and our innovative battery-free clock memory.

Decor Driven Design
The days of boring boxes with cluttered buttons are over. If you’re the kind of hotel that differentiates from design, then you need modern designs that are different too. From form factor to unique decor inspired finishes, even our stock options are anything but standard.

Clock with Hotel Friendly Alarm with Qi Certified Fast 10W Wireless Charging 2X USB with a 2.4A Fast Charging plug.

Single-day alarm, Simple 2-step alarm set, Dimmable dis-play with Lightsleeper™ option to turn the display off, 1” Easy time read display, Qi-certified 10W Fast charging with FOD (Foreign Object Detection), Auto-Day light savings, Internal rechargeable memory backup- no backup batteries to replace, Tamper-proof time settings, Tamper-proof power disconnect, Security Tether, Simple time set

Make It Yours
One of the first things guests look for in a room is a place to charge their phone on the nightstand. This high-traffic area makes it an ideal spot for in-room messaging and brand promotion. We make it easy for you to customize our products with printed tray cards. And if you’re the kind of hotel that wants to craft every detail you can work with the Nonstop design studio to create custom finishes, colors, and designs that are as one-of-a-kind as your brand.

Promote Your Brand
Make your property memorable and increase repeat stays by featuring your brand and loyalty programs and promoting amenities. You can even update the cards seasonally for upcoming events and promotions.

Generate On-Property ROI
Increase revenue by promoting on-proper-ty restaurants, bars, shopping, and spa in a high-visibility spot in the room.

Increase Guest Engagement
Drive guests to your mobile app and increase social media interaction with links and QR codes in a perfect spot right where guests have their phone in-hand.

Complement Your Decor
Tech products don’t have to be boring black boxes. Feature your custom color palette, prints, patterns, and artwork to extend your unique style onto the nightstand.

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