Pillow Speaker Interface for Healthcare

Pillow Speaker Interface for Healthcare
Control Cable or Satellite STB’s with any Pillow Speaker

Key features

• Allows for typical hospital pillow speakers to control a cable or sat box as well as the TV
• Now patients can enjoy a home-like viewing experience using a pillow speaker
• Compatible with all major pillow speakers
– Anacom-Medtek, Crest, Curbell, and others
– Not necessary to replace existing pillow speakers
• Fully supports DIRECTV® DRE Set Back Boxes
– Allows installations in small facilities where head ends are not cost-effective
• Compatible with most healthcare grade TV’s
• Auto-senses all major pillow speaker protocols
• We can easily add protocols for additional Set Back Boxes if necessary
• No external power supply necessary
• Very low-cost solution
• Only 2.1” x 1.6” x 0.6” in size, easily mounts to the SBB or back of the TV
• Ability to remap any pillow speaker key to most SBB functions
• For a true at-home viewing experience, ask about our unique SBB pillow speakers!
• Pillow speakers must be able to support digital signals and have a minimum # of buttons to be useful

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