Technology Services

Technology Services

Do you have the right strategic business partner helping you to plan and execute your digital transformation swiftly? See the most important trends in technology services in 2019

Get on trend to deliver business outcomes and delight your customers

Get your business up to speed by understand how technology services will change in the coming twelve months.

The market will shift towards outcome-based services

  • 60% of enterprises engage in digital transformation through outsourcing and partnering.
  • Over three-quarters of business leaders expect that by 2020, their organization will prioritize services to enhance existing products over the addition of more products.
  • If service providers do not focus on outcome based services, 75% of IT service providers will be irrelevant by 2022.

Organizations are partnering to innovate as well as operate

  • 790/oof top performing digitally mature enterprises participate in digital ecosystems.
  • Innovation must bring customers into the decision-making process, by using prototyping, experimentation and co-creation, in order to stay true to the customer’s value drivers.
  • New ventures (like loT) depend not only on sector-specific domain knowledge, but also expertise in analytics, cloud services and wireless connectivity

Platform-enabled services are critical to empower standardization and scale

  • By 2020, 60% of all enterprises will have fully articulated an organization-wide digital platform strategy, and will be in the process of implementing that strategy.
  • A good managed service provider will have invested in a managed service platform that features preprepared service elements and scalable templates, making it easier to launch new initiatives.
  • Organizations are shifting from labor-centric to platform-centric models, which is necessitating modernization of traditional legacy applications and infrastructure.

Companies will increase their use of consultants to help align technology with business strategy

  • Currently only 23% of CIOs rate their organization as effective at business strategy and planning.
  • 60% of organizations choose to execute their digital transformation through outsourcing and partnering.
  • Over three years, at least USO 3.1 bn of IT Consulting services and systems integration services will be consumed building and implementing loT solutions.

Transformative services are the preferred route to rapid digital transformation

  • Companies can yield double-digit investment savings by accelerating digital transformation 20%-30% through adding skilled tech workers.
  • 75% of executives cite skills gaps as an obstacle to implementing their digital transformation.
  • 76% of CIOs consider cloud managed services an essential part of their IT strategy

Commercial risk is transferring to IT providers

  • IT operations must embrace the importance of developing a deeper business acumen, running IT operations as a business within the business.
  • Enterprise architecture practitioners must focus their business architecture efforts on defining their business strategy
  • Over the next 24 months, Cl Os will reengineer their approaches to transform their IT ecosystems into high-performance engines that deliver speed, impact, and value.


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