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Consumer vs. Commercial TVs: The difference is in the details


AdcommTV’s innovative commercial, hospitality TVs offer new and exciting avenues for hotels to delight and engage guests while improving their operational efficiency. An intuitive interface gives guests’ complete control of their in-room settings while unlocking unlimited opportunities to stay informed and entertained through a range of customized content. Hotels likewise benefit from more efficient communication and personalized customer service delivery without requiring a significant infrastructure overhaul. We are redefining the hospitality experience and helping hoteliers identify and implement the best display solutions for their brand, business model and customer base.

Standard Series

NJ470, NJ477 and NJ478 Series

Versatile, cost-effective displays with enhanced functionality, designed to elevate traditional in-room screens into multi-functional content centers

Premium Series
NT670U and NT678 Series

NT670U and NT678 Series

Convenient all-in-one displays that enable hotels and hospitals to provide expanded interactive guest services with minimal investment.

Luxury Series

NJ690U and NT690U Series

Sleek and elegant design, 4K ultra HD and guest-centric services combine for an unparalleled viewing experience.

The Frame Front view. Display over dresser showing art work.


TV when it’s on. Art when it’s off.

It is more than just a TV. It’s Samsung’s “The Frame,” which not only provides the picture quality you expect from a UHD TV, but brings a personal touch wherever it’s placed, as it comes with a wide range of artwork available to display—or your own photos. The Frame is different from your everyday TV in more ways than just its artistic tendencies, too. It’s gorgeous to look at—on or off. So instead of adjusting the decor to the TV or trying to hide it away in a cabinet when it’s not in use, The Frame looks and hangs just like a real frame, so it enhances your interior. But make no mistake, it is a TV. In fact, the Frame is a 4K UHD TV, ensuring that what you see on screen comes through clearly and with vibrant, stunning color. Not only will movies and TV shows have brilliant hues, your art will too.

  • Clear, comfortable pillow speakers that amplify the content engagement of guests
  • Compatible web application development
  • High-impacting, secure content performance via the integrated H.Browser
  • Simplified operations for guests and staff through a customized home menu
  • Centralized, real-time room management via LYNK HMS Server connectivity


The patient experience no longer resides just with the doctor but also with the infrastructure around the doctor. Whether it is the initial visit to the doctor’s office, visitors needing directions within the hospital, relatives seeking patient updates, or patient room engagement, AdcommTV’s vast portfolio of healthcare TVs provides the visual solutions that touch every aspect of a visit and stay. Stunning picture quality, up to 50% energy savings, hospital/medical compliant features, and a full portfolio of easy to use solutions make Samsung displays and monitors the choice for hospitals and long-term care. We have installed healthcare TVs inpatient rooms, hospital cafeterias, waiting rooms, hallway navigation, donor walls, as well as teaching centers. They are user-friendly for easy implementation, updates, or changes because of their features like integrated Wi-Fi, modular touch overlays, and an embedded media player.

Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality

Samsung’s LYNK REACH

CMS delivers more than just content

This powerful solution gives hotels greater visibility into and control over hundreds of on-site displays through a central remote server. This all-in-one access elevates hospitality displays into full-service hubs – compatible with new or existing LAN, WiFi and Coax infrastructures – for access to a range of custom content, applications, and channels. By eliminating laborious maintenance tasks and promoting effective two-way communication, REACH enhances guests’ stays at a reduced cost for hotels while providing new opportunities for hotels to inform and entertain visitors.

Control content on hundreds of TVs at once.

Eliminate room-by-room visits to each guest room by using a single-location remote solution. The REACH (RF) Server delivers updated firmware and other settings to TVs through RF signals. REACH (IP) is also available for centralized control of SMART hospitality TVs without the need of additional hardware.

Reinforce your brand.

Extend your hospitality beyond your front lobby and into your rooms for a tailored, personalized guest experience. With the fully customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI), you can choose from the pre-built templates or upload your own assets to develop a GUI from scratch. Plus, Samsung has a network of certified REACH integration partners who can also provide turnkey solutions.

Keep your guests entertained.

LYNK REACH provides channel management capabilities including a customizable interactive program guide. Additionally, with third-party casting services, your guests can connect their mobile devices to the in-room screen. With a few easy steps, they can access 1000+ apps for an exceptional entertainment experience.

Certified H-Browser Solutions Powered by Tizen Delivers Power & Speed

Tizen OS allows system integrators to create advanced graphics with fast rendering speeds, for a sleek, impressive viewing experience. As an IP-based open platform for hospitality display management solution, H.Browser is fully customizable and highly flexible, so luxury hotels can deliver state-of-the-art services, including VoD and world-renowned applications for an incomparable in-room experience. Samsung provides a software development kit (SDK) that enables System Integrators to build superior customized hotel TV solutions with an intuitive UI and powerful features. Built on the HTML5 standard, H.Browser is a true SMART TV solution allowing guests to enjoy interactive services and features for free and VoD, as well as enabling System Integrators to easily develop more customized solutions with greater flexibility. Tizen also offers exceptional security to ensure your business technology remains safe and protected.

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