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31% of lodging innovators will be upgrading to in-room streaming capabilities



  • Integrates with existing free to guest system
  • Wired and wireless configurations
  • Limited in-room hardware
  • Advanced reporting and monitoring


AdcommTV continues to transform in-room entertainment for hotel guests and institutions across the country with the streaming solution STAYCAST powered by Google Chromecast for their property. This streaming solution gives guests an at-home experience when they’re on the road. Guests can stream entertainment via their favorite apps with a few simple steps and then enjoy TV shows, movies, games, sports, kids’ content and more on the biggest screen in the room. You can easily integrate this streaming solution into new and existing properties with any DIRECTV HD Entertainment system, like DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE), and COM3000. With it, guests get more content to choose from making their stay more satisfying.

Guests are already streaming to TV sets at home – STAYCAST offers your guests and residents the comfortable familiarity of home by enabling them to stream content from 1000+ mobile apps to the biggest screen in the room, safely & securely


Designed for hospitality, Roomcast makes it simple for guests to stream content from their favorite services to the guestroom TV and other digital devices with just one push of the button. After joining the secure private WiFi, guests can open any of their cast-enabled apps, tap the Cast button, and watch their favorite content on the big screen. Everything is controlled right from the guest’s phone, tablet or laptop using the apps that they already have and love. No need to enter a username and password and viewers can even keep using their device for other things without disturbing what’s playing.

Roomcast is an all-in-one entertainment solution that allows guests to stream any content from their phone, tablet, or laptop – then right to the big screen. This streaming solution is an “over-the-top,” simple service that you can add to existing guestroom TV systems. There’s no head-end equipment, server or software to install. Try it in one room or thousands. It’s that simple.


  • Bluetooth for wireless streaming
  • Stream content via Chromecast
  • Guest-facing HDMI
  • Compatible with iOS and Android


  • Easy to set up and use
  • User-friendly user face
  • No remote control required
  • Create personalized playlists


Smart View is the official Samsung freeware app for Windows to stream multimedia content from your electronic devices to a smart TV wirelessly. It enables viewers to share media files stored on their computer so they can enjoy them on the big screen of a Samsung TV. Smart View looks like a standard media player, with the usual player controls and even playlist support. It is possible to add videos for streaming by selecting individual files, or just by adding a whole folder with media content. Users click the Play button after the upload is complete, and the selected file will start playing on the TV.

Now viewers can play content instantly on the TV. Smart View also lets you create personalized playlists to access favorite videos, photos and music all in on place!

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