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AdcommTV offers commercial-grade displays that give guests/patients that premium in-room entertainment experience they get at home. With the SMART TV series, guests can watch movies and TV from streaming services, check social networking sites and even push content from personal devices to the big screen – everything they need for a more satisfying stay. And, these TVs will also enhance the experience of a hospital stays for both patients and family members alike. They provide HD entertainment, access to social networking and a way to view condition-related educational materials. That means higher customer and HCAHPS scores and lower long-term costs. We have solutions for every size property and budget.

  • Longer Warranties
  • Volume Limiters
  • Front Panel Lock-out
  • Menu Display Lock-out
  • Custom Branded Messaging
  • Channel List Guide
  • Channel Re-mapping
  • Remote Jack Pack Priority
  • USB Cloning

Samsung’s innovative commercial displays offer new and exciting ways for businesses to delight and engage guests/visitors while improving their own operational efficiency. An intuitive interface gives users complete control of room settings while unlocking unlimited opportunities to stay informed and be entertained through a range of customized content. They also benefit from more efficient personalized messaging without requiring a significant infrastructure overhaul. Today’s guests now expect cutting-edge enhancements as part of their visits, and AdcommTV provides that comfortable, at-home feel with these industry-leading commercial displays.


AdcommTV’s commercial TVs featuring innovative technology, such as OLED and IPS, deliver a new level of experience in hospitality. LG for Business innovation continues to bring luxury to spaces thanks to ultra-slim designs, while adding value through revolutionary screen quality. As the ideal partner for such markets as healthcare and the hospitality industry, we are constantly seeking to upscale quality of service, and our commercial TV solutions are the perfect solution.

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Every guest should be safe, comfortable and well-entertained. It is easy to increase overall satisfaction with these “upgraded” yet affordable visual displays.

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