Determine How Much Speed
Your Business Needs

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Bandwidth requirements of business users grow by almost 50% with each passing year


How much bandwidth does an average business need?

This is a question that changes yearly. Owners always need to be thinking about both short-term solutions and long-term goals to gauge growth and technology needs. Stable internet connection is now a must-have for any successful business. AdcommTV is committed to providing the nation’s most advanced, and dependable Internet solutions.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of fast internet and the role of sufficient bandwidth.

Networks are constantly evolving. Online activities like data back-up and file sharing require faster speeds, especially when multiple users are doing it at once. More employees are working remotely. Connected technology needs are consistently growing. Get highly secure, high-speed, cost-effective broadband Internet connectivity without interrupting voice services with AdcommTV. We can add services a la carte or they can be bundled so you save more. Stay connected to the information, content and data that’s needed, no matter where work takes you.


Fiber internet is generally faster than other types of internet. Fiber-optic technology allows for more data to be transferred in a shorter amount of time than older internet technology, like cable and DSL. For businesses, this means higher data-transfer rate, faster load times, higher-quality streaming, and a better internet experience overall.



Speeds up to 100Mbps downstream and up to 20Mbps upstream at a fraction of the cost of private line or Ethernet Internet access


Reliability you can count on – optimal performance, scalability and great security features

High Capacity

Support multiple employees that need simultaneous Internet access


Highly Secure

Our internet solutions come with protection like McAfee which includes McAfee® anti-spyware, anti-virus and a firewall.


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