Digital Signage Powered to
Engage, Entertain And Retain

Reach more customers with impactful displays

Digital signage engages more people than email, print or static signs

Digital signage allows for breathtaking, attention-grabbing installations. Whether it’s a still image, dynamic content, or videos — digital displays capture audiences with vibrant colors and powerful, visual messages. Statistics show that digital signage drives higher reach, engagement, recall rates, and are highly effective in motivating customers to take action when compared to traditional media. Commercial displays are more reliable too. Built to run for much longer periods – sometimes 24×7 – commercial signage products offer better cooling technology. AdcommTV, partnered with Samsung Business, can provide you with the solutions that will work best for your business.


Captures and secures attention

Grows visibility and engagement

Reduces perceived waiting times

Builds trust and credibility

Easy to update and maintain

Businesses often heavily invest in printed materials — maps, signs, menus, agendas, brochures, billboard posters, to name a few examples. Digital content is substantially more agile and engaging and is easy to replace or alternate. Their user-friendly interface allows users to streamline deployment and manage content remotely across multiple displays and locations through an open and integrated player-side media platform. Explore our suite of innovative and fully-integrated technology display solutions.

The 7 Key Essentials of Digital Signage

Elevate your brand

Think of a digital signage solution as a smartphone. Slimmer, sleeker designs make commercial displays more suitable for business applications including on-site stores, conference rooms, hotel lobbies, bars/restaurants, waiting areas and more.

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