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• 100+ HDTV channels
• Scalable, Cost-Effective Solutions
• A Variety of Programming Packages
• Optional Add-Ons and Premium Content
• Entertainment Solution for Any Size Property

The Upgrade Your Guests Will Never Forget!


The Advanced Entertainment Platform (AEP)

Our Best Content Delivery System Yet

AT&T’s next-generation content delivery solution provides DIRECTV linear satellite and free-to-guest On Demand and app-based content for an enhanced entertainment experience for your guests by adding a small in-room set-top box (STB), an antimicrobial custom remote, and cloud services to the HD COM System. The box is connected to broadband via the property’s Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Your guests can also stream content from their own personal devices through STAYCAST by Google Chromecast where they can view their choice of content on the in-room TV.


  • Easy search-and-highlight menu
  • Easy-to-clean, antimicrobial remote
  • Personalize a Welcome Screen and a private message for guests and to promote on-site events
  • Customize an easily selectable icon menu
  • Optional current local weather display
  • Add Your Own Channels and Share Property Info
  • Guest credentials stay on personal devices
  • Terminates industry standard Pro:Idiom Mobile content protection


  • Access content from dozens of programmers and thousands of hours of popular programming from the DIRECTV On Demand App
  • Enjoy Premium Programming from the Showtime® App
  • View Family-friendly content from the Hallmark Channel App
  • Simple Home Screen allows guests to easily select programming or service-related apps
  • Connect multiple devices to the same TV


  • The most channels packed into the smallest equipment footprint in the industry
  • FCC-compliant
  • Custom, antimicrobial remote control
  • Supports 4K HDR, HD and SD satellite broadcast channels
  • QAM and IP video distribution
  • Easy to expand platform that can support hundreds of channels
  • Local management through integrated web interface



DIRECTV’s full suite of free-to-guest solutions will help transform your properties, help reduce servicing costs and provide the ultimate entertainment experience for all your properties. The Advanced Entertainment Platform also provides flexible, cloud-delivered updates to meet changing market needs, and adds more value to your property by giving guests more entertainment options and ways to consume content. AdcommTV support is available for optional home screen development.

view of DIRECTV hospitality TV being used

DIRECTV: The Ultimate HD Entertainment Experience

DRE / DRE Plus

The groundbreaking DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE) delivers a more robust entertainment experience your guests will love with access to over 100 channels. The easy-to-use, anti-microbial remote offers entertainment access through a simple programming guide, just likes guests are used to getting at home with DIRECTV. DRE Plus customers will enjoy a customized welcome screen allowing residents to find and watch their favorite shows, as well as easily discover property amenities, activities, and services. They can also enjoy the ability to play, pause, and even rewind live TV with HD DVR receivers.

Big Entertainment or Any Size Hotel or Property


AdcommTV once again sets the industry standard for equipment features and product reliability with the COM3000, DIRECTV’s third-generation HD and 4K headend video solution. Packing the most channels into the smallest footprint in the industry, DIRECTV’s newest technology solution supports up to 138 HD channels, including 4K programming, the industry’s best picture format. Available for any size property over most wiring schemes, the COM3000 is ideal for properties with large room counts where property owners don’t want a receiver for each TV.

DIRECTV Hospitality TV being used in a bedroom

The Ultimate Casting Solution
STAYCAST by Google Chromecast

Enable your guests to stream to the “big screen” their favorite content from 2000+ Apps to the hotel room TV — just like at home. The STAYCAST streaming solution can be easily integrated into new and existing properties with any DIRECTV HD Entertainment system, like DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE), COM1000, and COM2000. Connecting seamlessly to a hotel’s existing infrastructure, STAYCAST allows guests to stream their own content onto the room’s television, using their own portable device as the control. Guests can connect iOS or Android devices to the same TV, or stream to any TV in the room. This streaming solution has something for everyone — business travelers, families, sports fans, international guests, and more.

Make your guests feel at home with DIRECTV

Nothing feels more like home than snuggling up to a favorite TV show or movie.

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