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Technology in student housing is like a utility. Connectivity and technology-enabled spaces are the norms. That means there is little to no tolerance for service volatility or slow bandwidth because utilizing devices and apps are part of the daily lifestyle of the modern student. With separate privacy and community living needs, modern amenities in today’s student residential communities are vital. AdcommTV offers a diverse line of products and services that can be customized to fit the needs and budget of any size school or university.


Electronic devices are a huge part of the student lifestyle. From smartphones to iPods and iPads to Kindles and laptops, students (and faculty) expect that Wi-Fi connectivity will be available across campus for everything from study to socialization. For colleges and universities, providing high-speed service is critical for an absolute student and faculty experience and to their ability to work efficiently. Attract and retain students with AdcommTV networks that provide blazing fast Internet speeds that will meet their needs and expectations with the ability to connect on several devices at the same time. We can accommodate your student housing needs no matter the size. We also offer bulk packages for TV and Internet at competitive pricing that will save you money. We will work with you to find the best, customized solution.


Give your students a crash course in Entertainment 101 with access to over 160 channels of the hottest Hollywood blockbusters and original series, including the top premium movie networks like HBO®, SHOWTIME®, news, local channels, daytime, and primetime favorites, music and more — most in high definition. Plus, there is no need to have a box in every room! AdcommTV enables university residents the ability to stream DIRECTV on any device anywhere on campus while providing a multichannel, multiscreen experience that feels like the comforts of home. Students can watch all the entertainment content they love on multiple devices.





You can attract more international students by offering the best programming from their home country. We offer Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean, Spanish, and Russian programming. If you want to have the best in sports, entertainment and news in student housing then DIRECTV has a solution for you. With AdcommTV’s customizable solutions, we can offer you and your students multiple choices in ways to watch their video content – wherever, whenever they want on their favorite devices. Our professional installation is fast and affordable with little to no downtime of the existing system.


Most schools enjoy promoting its students and happenings in the community and use digital signage to deliver this information. Featuring student’s achievements, notifying the community about an event or sharing encouraging information strengthens the pride and commitment of the school community. AdcommTV, powered by Samsung, offers standalone, indoor and outdoor displays that can quickly deliver these messages by using innovative technology that projects clear and crisp text and images in any environment. With easy usability, content management systems, and maintenance, students and teachers can stay up-to-date with the latest information from the school. Available in a range of sizes and configurations, our displays ensure a consistently clear presentation while also maintaining a compact and stylish design. Along with the added convenience of an embedded power box, the displays warrant durability, flexibility and 24/7 performance even in extreme temperatures. It’s easy to improve the learning experience at any size school or university.


Philo is a next-generation IPTV platform that lets students watch content on the devices they use most and is built specifically for the university market.  This system includes network DVR capabilities for every student, the ability to pause, fast forward, and rewind live TV, and also comes equipped with a sleek program guide and search functionality. Today, 50+ universities are using it!

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