Voice for Hospitality, Volara

New York and Menlo Park, Calif. — July, 2019 — Volara is now powering the independent WooHoo® Enterprise AI Assistant for hotels from SmartBeings. Through a technical integration and exclusive distribution arrangement, hotel guests can now speak or touch a screen to command the Volara-powered independent voice assistant solution to order toiletries, contact the valet, expedite check out, play music, and control room temperature, lighting, or curtains, among other powerful interactions. Volara’s real-time conversation-management software and secure integrations hub connects WooHoo to more than 30 hotel technologies, giving travelers an immersive on-command experience that is engaging, modern, frictionless and fun.

“SmartBeings is thrilled to partner with Volara to bring WooHoo to the U.S. hotel market,” said Himanshu Kaul, chief strategy and innovation officer at SmartBeings. “As the leading and most secure voice platform in hospitality, Volara is the ideal partner for us as our joint product delivers an enhanced guest experience, reduces costs, and up-sells value-added services. Together, we will be leading the industry in providing immersive experiences for luxury hotels and their guests.”

Unique benefits of the Volara-powered WooHoo include:

When guests make requests to WooHoo, the wake word can be the hotel brand’s name or any word the hotel client selects. Whether a request for a service item, recommendation, or general hotel information, Volara automatically identifies and assigns the request in the hotel’s existing work order management system or guest engagement software. The result is greater expediency in delivering on guests’ expectations and greater efficiency of hotel operations.

“Volara is thrilled to be working with SmartBeings to bring its independent natural language processing solution and cutting-edge multi-modal hardware to the hotel market,” said David Berger, Volara CEO. “Together with WooHoo, we are delivering contextually relevant, totally awesome, conversational experiences at scale.”

For more information about AdcommTV’s partner, Volara, and the technology we have for hospitality, please email us at helpdesk@adcommtv.com or contact our call center at 866-272-7982. Please also visit this page on our website: www.adcommtv.com/innovative-solutions/#VOICE-FOR-HOSPITALITY.

  • Optional customizable wake word, so the hotel can promote its own brand to guests
  • Hotel ownership and control of the data generated from interactions
  • Push notifications allows hotel management to promote events and amenities to their guests
  • Touch screen interface enables guests to engage with the hotel when their partner is sleeping
  • A premium music experience through co-innovation with Harman (a Samsung Company)
  • Easy to use real time conversation management permits the concierge to make updates on the fly
  • More than 30 secure plug n’ play integrations into leading hotel technologies
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