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AdcommTV offers excellent HDTV entertainment solutions for properties of any size and budget. With movies and shows, exclusive sports packages, and a TV service that’s simple and familiar, guests will love checking in to DIRECTV. Hoteliers will be well-positioned to customize video programming delivery easily and swiftly without investing in installing extra hardware to upgrade the existing software. Properties are installed with one of two types of systems: Headend Systems or DRE systems. COM3000 is the next-generation HD and 4K headend video solution and is ideal for properties with high room counts and installations that prefer not to have a receiver for each TV. This newest technology solution supports up to 138 HD channels, including 4K programming. The DIRECTV DRE system provides hotels with valuable features that allow properties to interact better with their guests and make the hotel experience more enjoyable. This system is upgradeable without adding expensive additional equipment and has access to over 100 HD channels. Hoteliers will love having a choice of entertainment providers, plus scalable, cost-effective solutions. AdcommTV dedicates to providing the best technology to position hotels ahead of their competition.

More Ways for Guests to Consume Content.


DIRECTV’s next-generation content delivery solution provides exclusive linear satellite and broadband over-the-top (OTT) content for an enhanced entertainment experience for your patients. This solution adds an in-room set-top box, antimicrobial custom remote, and cloud services to the HD COM Systems; to bring app-based content from famous networks such as SHOWTIME and Hallmark Channel, allowing viewers instant access to stream entertainment with no login or password required. This new platform provides curated targeted content through a customizable, user-friendly interface. This new platform offers Free-to-Guest live and premium on-demand content and features access to 2000+ apps, LIVE TV with breaking news, hits shows, movies, exclusive sports, music, and more.

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Many of our customers’ first question is, “What is a Hotel TV?” A hotel display is a commercial-grade television with features that allow for easy management by the hotelier and ease of use for the hotel guest. These market-specific TVs deliver an in-room experience with an at-home feel for guests, and they are user-friendly and designed for easy content customization. Our innovative hospitality displays offer new and exciting avenues for hotels to delight and engage guests while improving the property’s operational efficiency. An intuitive interface keeps guests informed and entertained through a range of customized content. Hotels also benefit from more efficient communication and personalized customer service delivery without requiring a significant infrastructure overhaul. Samsung is redefining the hospitality experience and helping hotel customers identify and implement the best display solutions for their brand, business model, and customer base. Rest assured, AdcommTV has the perfect product line of display TVs to fit your property needs and budget.

Connect to Multiple Devices to Guestroom TVs.


DIRECTV’s streaming solution gives guests an at-home experience on the road. They can stream their favorite shows and movies from a personal device to the in-room TV — like at home. The service does not require guests to log in to the TV separately. It is also compatible with existing wiring and all DIRECTV HD systems. Your guests can stream thousands of Google Chromecast-enabled apps, which are easily integrated into your existing wiring configuration — wired and wireless. And the best part is that guests do not need to enter personal credentials into the TV, which automatically disconnects upon checkout. This streaming solution can be easily integrated into new and existing properties with minimal disruptions to guests.

Keep Guests Connected with Wired & Wireless Access.


Today, a reliable Internet connection is not just an amenity; it’s a necessity. Power up your property with blazing fast, reliable High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA). AdcommTV is a leading Tier-1 Internet service provider that can connect all your guests’ devices to fit today’s tech-savvy traveler’s demands, needs, and lifestyles. They’re checking their email, engaging in their social networks, downloading music, streaming videos, keeping up on current events, playing games, and communicating with their loved ones. The demand is non-stop. Our blazing-fast HSIA systems deliver unmatched performance and offer industry-leading security, resiliency, latency, encryption, scalability, and cost savings. Let us customize a complete solution including everything from equipment to front office interface – an all-in-one Hospitality HSIA package to fit your property’s needs and the demands of your guests.

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Most hotels in the United States offer basic amenities like soap and toothpaste, free coffee and perhaps a continental breakfast, and some discounts to local restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues for hotel guests. Today, guests continue to demand amenities but will be more inclined to focus on “experiencing” rather than “having.” But choosing hotel amenities is a critical task for hotel owners and operators. Offering few or wrong amenities can negatively affect the hotel’s brand positioning and the guest’s service experience. Offering too many amenities can waste capital, increase operating costs, and put unnecessary service delivery burdens. In-room amenities, which can make or break a guest’s hotel stay; cost hotel owners money to install and deliver, are continuously evolving. Offering the right amenities to the right guest, in the right location, for the right trip purpose, in the right type of hotel, for the right length of stay continues to puzzle hoteliers, but AdcommTV is here to assist. We have access to various standard to deluxe amenities guaranteed to ensure your guests feel comfortable and pampered during their stay.

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Businesses often heavily invest in printed materials — maps, signs, menus, agendas, brochures, and billboard posters, for example. Digital content is substantially more agile and engaging and is easy to replace or alternate. Their user-friendly interface allows users to streamline deployment and manage content remotely across multiple displays and locations through an open and integrated player-side media platform. Digital signage allows for breathtaking, attention-grabbing installations. Whether it’s a still image, dynamic content, or videos — digital displays capture audiences with vibrant colors and powerful visual messages. Statistics show that digital signage drives higher reach, engagement, and recall rates and is highly effective in motivating customers to take action compared to traditional media. Commercial displays are more reliable and built to run for extended periods – sometimes 24×7 – commercial signage products offer better cooling technology. Explore our suite of innovative and fully integrated technology display solutions.