Content management for digital signage and TV displays

Conveniently create, schedule and display customized content.


Samsung Smart Signage (SSSP) from AdcommTV

SSSP is a fully integrated program where partners can leverage a developer-friendly platform with high compatibility with HTML5 and ECMAScript 6 and three-layer secured protection.It simplifies everything to where users just need to establish an internet connection to begin playing digital content from the content server. This open-source, all-in-one solution eliminates the need for additional external hardware, allowing for greater efficiency and an overall lowered total cost of ownership by replacing external media players with a System on Chip (SoC) based app launcher that provides a clutter-free configuration and easy maintenance.

Samsung MagicInfo™

combines an all-in-one comprehensive content, device and data management single platform that allows users to conveniently create, schedule and deploy content. Users also have complete control of display networks and can even collect and analyze performance data for better promotional content. This CMS offers flexibility and customization, as well as reliability and ease of use to alleviate common problems for enterprise IT managers and provide system integrators with the tools they need to suit their brand and operational needs.


LYNK REACH — Samsung

LYNK Remote Enhanced Active Control of Hospitality is a content management solution that helps properties manage content on hotel TVs. It provides a personalized environment while simultaneously improving operational efficiency as it elevates displays into all-in-one content hubs. Hotels can monitor and set TV/network settings, room information displays and guest check in/out in a few clicks, enabling them to save time and effort on labor and maintenance costs. Its customizable user interface enables hotels to deliver a richer, more personalized in- room guest experience. The content creation tool is equipped with readily available, intuitive UI templates that simplify content development and management.


LYNK Cloud is an all-inclusive is an all-inclusive integrated platform featuring content management, device control and data analytics. It supports web-based content creation, deployment and powerful multimedia hosting with video and image streaming of large files. In-room TV’s also support interactive content that can help receive and respond to requests such dining orders, facility bookings or a digital concierge. LYNK Cloud can analyze guests’ content use to uncover marketing insights that help hoteliers deliver optimized promotions and ultimately increase revenue.

PRO:CENTRIC — LG for Business

Pro:Centric helps hoteliers keep guests up-to-date on hotel activities, news, weather and other information within seconds through widgets that can be placed on the guest room TV’s home screen. With more services than ever before, this platform features two-way communications, enabling guests to place orders for room service, make appointments at the spa, interact with the concierge, and check out, etc. Guests no longer have to search the room for information. All updates, menus and content are in one place – on the TV. It is based on HTML5 and features easy editing tools to allow the system integrator to design a truly custom look and feel to the hotels brand from a blank template or choose from various themes that are included.