Streaming Services for Hotels

Casting 2000+ apps on mobile devices to the in-room television

31% of lodging innovators will be upgrading to in-room streaming capabilities

Staycast® by Google Chromecast.

The Ultimate in Hotel TV Streaming

We bring live streaming IPTV to your property without the need for additional hardware — no need to switch inputs. Considered the ultimate hospitality streaming experience, STAYCAST seamlessly connects to your existing TV infrastructure allowing guests to view their content on their in-room TV. With over 2000 Apps, 200,000 TV shows and movies, 30 million songs, plus radio, sports, games, and more, STAYCAST offers something for everyone. This seamless streaming TV service for hotels offers simple pairing without personal credentials and will automatically disconnect at checkout. It’s easier than ever to let your guests watch the content they want, when they want by streaming their favorite apps like Netflix®, Disney+®, YouTube®, Hulu®, HBO Max®, Spotify® and more, from your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android device. No need for content licenses or administration/distribution of content.


  • Compatible with all DIRECTV HD entertainment systems
  • Easy integration with any existing property configuration-wired & wireless
  • Only requires Google Chromecast and a TV in the room-installed with minimal disruptions