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Facility operators now realize the importance of leveraging the best digital tools — especially the latest displays and networked infrastructure — to provide their guests a digitally enhanced, personalized experience from the exterior of the building all the way to the in-room setting. These days, the hotel industry is increasing the visibility of digital signage and making those screens the centerpiece of a visual campaign that reaches consumers even before they enter the lobby. A hotel that doesn’t feature some sort of digital signage is actually becoming a rarity. Customers don’t just glance — they engage which motivates them to act, driving sales. Commercial-grade digital signage offers businesses of every size the tools to elevate and expand their marketing and sales reach. They are guaranteed to deliver refreshing content that engages, informs, and entertains. And it increases brand awareness phenomenally. A digital signage solution can be impressively versatile and powerful, and with a trusted A/V integrator like AdcommTV, setting the system up, a company can make the transition from print to a digital solution with little hassle. It is time to put your business on display!
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Increase Recall and Sales with Visual Impact.


BET-H Series

Samsung Digital Signage TV Model BET

Ultra-fast Crystal 4K Processor
Crystal UHD Picture Quality
Easily Customize Content
Slim & Modern 3840×216
USB Media Player

QBR Series

Samsung Digital Signage TV Model QBR

Incredible UHD Picture Quality
Ultra High Definition 4K Resolution
Slim and Flat Back Design
Noise Reduction + Edge Restoration
Dynamic Crystal Display

QMR Series

Samsung Digital Signage TV Model QHR

HDR Powered by HDR 10+
Intelligent UHD Upscaling
Powerful All-in-One Solution
Bright 4K Non-Glare Picture 24/7
Dynamic Crystal Display & Processor

QHR Series

Samsung Digital Signage TV Model QHR

Slim and Symmetrical Design
High Visibility with 700 nit Brightness
Ultra-High-Definition Resolution
Samsung SAMRT Signage Platform
Built-In Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

VHT-E Series


Captivating Viewing Experience
Fine-Tuned Flawless Uniformity
Vivid Viewing in Any Location
Adaptable Slender Design
Image Enhancement Modes

QMR-T Series

All-in-One Touch Solution by Tizen
Real-Time Interaction
Fast Touch Performance
MagicInfo Content Management
Eye-Catching UHD Picture Quality

Samsung Digital Signage TV Model QMRT
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What is Digital Signage?

Digital displays are a part of nearly every aspect of our lives, from flatscreen displays in retail stores and restaurants to the full-motion video billboards appearing alongside the highway. Most commercial grade digital displays are large-format LCD screens that are built for viewing from a distance anywhere from 10-20 feet away. These screens are built for rigorous use, far more than your normal consumer screen intended to be on for 10, 12, 16 hours a day. Because of this, commercial grade displays won’t fade or burn from overuse in a few months’ time. With digital signage, there are more possibilities to build brand identity by exposing customers to precise messaging throughout the store. Collect customer data, free up staff for other work, and give customers access to additional inventory not available in the aisles. It’s quickly becoming the competitive edge for many businesses with physical locations.
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Why Digital Signage?

Commercial grade displays are visually brighter and sharper looking than their consumer alternatives. This is because the commercial grade screens are manufactured for specific levels of brightness as a standard. Extra modules with backlights are used to better show sharper, more intense images, even in bright light of day. You can radically improve the shopping experience for your customers by addressing their questions and concerns before they even ask with signage tailored to their needs. Digital signage is important as it allows for maximum flexibility – content can be changed on one or all screens in an instant, improving audience engagement as they may spend more time in your store. Most important, today, these screens have increased customer engagement by 49%, and brand awareness by 46%. But let’s look at what is in it for you…the benefits.

The Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital signage brings new life to any commercial environment: Designed to catch the attention of consumers and deliver messages that are custom designed to improve their experience. A digital signage display can show graphics, video, and other content on anything from small form factor screens to giant video walls.

View of a wall displaying large digital signage

Digital signage is much faster implementation: Unlike print advertising, which has to be manually placed, or even manually designed on a surface, layout designers can instantly upload their work to a display with a couple button presses. This allows for much faster implementation, which is ideal for companies that engage in time-sensitive advertising.

View of screens and digital signage

Digital signage allows users to make instant changes across all locations: A company’s displays are all networked together, so the system operator can quickly change new sales, offers, and products, at a moment’s notice and across different locations all at once making it extremely efficient and effective.

View of three screens accessing information for digital signage

Digital signage can be scheduled to change automatically: By using rule-based software, one of the benefits of digital signage is that you can program your displays to change throughout the day.

View of a computer viewing digital signage

Digital signage can leverage motion: Unlike traditional static signs these screens can utilize video – a major benefit because video increases recall rates — and not by a small amount either. 400% more capture rates and 75% more recall rates.

View of digital signage

Digital signage reduces marketing overhead: In general, it takes fewer people to manage display advertising than print advertising, as all content can be produced from a central location. This means lower operating costs.

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Digital signage can be linked to interactive content: Interactive content is ideal for reducing perceived wait times and for linking a positive message with the brand. This is another capability that print advertising cannot match which takes things to another level, allowing customers to interact with content that can include product research, locating inventory, viewing more product options, and even opportunities to virtually “try-on” products.

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Ideal for Indoor Messaging and Exposure.


We all know that excellent customer service is at the heart of every successful business, and you can elevate your customer experience to the next level with our digital signage frames. Form and function exist in perfect harmony with a robust, slimline design, easy configuration for portrait or landscape orientation, 16:9 Full High Definition (1080p) IPS display, wide viewing angle, 24/7 reliability to meet round-the-clock business operating requirements with a panel life of 100,000 hours and backlit LED for lower energy consumption and increased screen life. These all-in-one integrated, commercial digital frames are perfect for bars, restaurants, hotels, offices, resorts, healthcare, and more.
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Display creative content, curated images, videos, and music, and connect these displays to your WiFi network. Manage digital signage products ranging from a few displays at one location to multiple displays and players across your property. Streamline emergency messages, announcements, and educational content wherever needed to capture attention when it counts. Upload your media from connected devices, social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, and other platforms. Manage and display all your content with our secure, cloud-based content management system designed with your business in mind and 50 GB of free cloud storage. Open the box, pull out and power up, activate, upload content, display your message, and you’re done!

Content is King.


Digital signage Content Management System (CMS) platforms provide various tools and capabilities for developing and handling the content. Many of the well-established or more sophisticated platforms on the market will have content authoring tools, which enable users to build media pieces from scratch or use predesigned, preloaded templates to fast-track designs. Users subscribe to automatically delivered and updated feeds for materials such as news, weather, and sports scores. Today, many platforms now use the latest web presentation technology, HTML5, to automatically update content, often based on specified data triggers. HTML5 supports motion graphics and video, and its use can be a considerable cost and time-saver because changes are dynamic and not contingent on someone having the skills or time to make changes.

The best CMS platforms have robust device monitoring tools that run computing routines to “watch” the media players and screens deployed across a network and issue notices as problems develop. They come with online tools that automatically (or through easy operator intervention) remedy problems before they fully develop and provide quick fixes that don’t require costly, time-consuming on-site service calls. AdcommTV can assist you with CMS solutions, set-up, training, update installs so your property can use these platforms to increase your exposure, messaging, engagement and increased ROI.