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Prepare and plan for business growth

DID YOU KNOW? Median cost per hour of downtime $189,655

Cable & Wiring for Existing Construction

AdcommTV can complete any voice, data, and video projects based on reliable, high-quality, standards-based cabling, rewiring and network infrastructure methods. From office expansion to rolling out new technologies, our technicians will assure businesses that they are set-up to succeed.


With proper planning from the outset, the use of quality components and cable, combined with knowledgeable, organized installation expertise, AdcommTV can ensure that a customer’s network will be able to grow along with their business.


We approach cable rewiring or addition project with planning and precision, to avoid service disruptions and to lay the foundation for scalable growth. We will survey, design, and install the best solution for our B2B customers, quickly and effectively.

Important Fact

In today’s information age, a massive amount of information is being pushed through our data cable lines, leaving very little room for error. Unorganized cabling systems with tangled wires often cause connectivity issues, which can result in network downtime and decreased productivity.

Cable & Wiring for NEW Construction

Low Voltage Wiring for Video, Voice and Data

Networking commercial buildings can be complicated. Having the right wiring in the correct locations makes a world of difference. Correctly configured low voltage wiring systems are essential to power today’s technology and to be prepared for the upgrades and expansion of the future. Done poorly, it can lead to cost overruns, project delays, and inspection failure. The reason low voltage wiring is so popular is that it uses less electricity to power all the technologies for powering video, voice and data communications enabling the new structure to be more efficient cutting-edge, efficient, and competitive. AdcommTV can design, plan, install, wire and test your network from start to finish. We guarantee a job completed to the highest standards of care, quality, and safety, guaranteed!
A hand clipping cables and wiring

AdcommTV has vast experience in commercial pre-wiring new construction for Internet, satellite and other electronic systems. We go the extra mile to ensure a clean job by paying close attention to detail and labeling all lines for a smooth finish. We can also “future proof” the structure so businesses can add technology at a later time. It is clear-cut and affordable during the construction phase. We can pre-wire any location large or small with fiber, data or coax. Even if the building has already been constructed, we can still install wiring that is masterfully hidden in walls, ceilings, and floors.


New Construction
  • Free estimates with detailed up-front pricing with no surprises
  • Advice on what is the fastest and newest technology
  • A planned project management schedule
  • Professionals that specializes in commercial new construction
  • 24/7 emergency service when you need us most

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