Comfortable, at-home feel with displays that are built to last

Specifically Designed & Easy to Customize.


Today’s tech-savvy customers seek a differentiated environment that still provides a comfortable, at-home feel through access to a variety of professional and personal content, applications, and programs. AdcommTV has partnered with these proven leaders in commercial-grade hospitality televisions: Samsung, RCA and LG for TVs built from the inside out for commercial use in healthcare and hospitality that offer new and exciting avenues for businesses to delight and engage guests while improving their operational efficiency. An intuitive interface gives guests’ complete control of their in-room settings while unlocking unlimited opportunities to stay informed and entertained through a range of customized content. Businesses benefit from more efficient communication and personalized customer service delivery without requiring a significant infrastructure overhaul. Their intuitive interface gives users opportunities to stay informed and entertained through a range of customized content. We are redefining the commercial display experience and helping businesses identify and implement the best display solutions for their brand, business model and customer base no matter the property size or budget.

Weatherproof Entertainment.


When it comes to outdoor entertainment, indoor TVs can’t handle the heat. That’s why AdcommTV has partnered with industry leaders to offer you commercial-grade outdoor televisions. We provide professional, integrated solutions that are guaranteed to deliver a memorable outdoor experience. From a weatherproof exterior to its brilliant anti-glare display, weatherproof media bay, and ability to handle extreme temperatures, outdoor TVs deliver a safe and reliable experience with excellent screen visibility that indoor TVs can’t match. Samsung, Peerless-AV, and Sunbrite commercial-grade outdoor TVs share the features that make them the right choice for external use: brighter than indoor televisions, weatherproof (protection against snow, rain, insects, humidity), weatherproof cable connections, and a warranty that’s valid for outdoor use. The environment in which you place your outdoor tv will determine which product will fit you best. These TVs offer three times higher brightness, reduced glare, specifically designed to handle rain, snow, dust, salt air, insect, humidity, and extreme temperatures.  

Aesthetic, Functional, Trusted.


Professional commodity mounts with mounting solutions from maintenance considerations to safety codes to cost and capabilities. AdcommTV’s vertical expertise in markets such as hospitality, healthcare, bars, restaurants, senior living, and student housing makes it easy to select which TV mounts will work best for your property. Fully-equipped with exceptional functionality features and versatile strength guaranteed to complement today’s slim and ultra-slim display TVs that are specifically designed to create that optimal view angle. This series of mounts has passed the approval process for Underwriters Laboratories (UL), promoting safe living and working environments by applying safety science and hazard-based safety engineering. We are always adding new products to keep pace with the constant changes in AV technology, whether you need articulating, ceiling, fixed, flat, full motion, pivot, tilt, or wall-mounted. The choice is yours.