Bars & Restaurants

Boost business by serving what everyone is craving

Stats also show that restaurants/bars get 74% more customers on Sundays alone


Entertain your customers with DIRECTV, the undisputed leader in sports, with a stellar selection of content and programming customers want to watch. NFL SUNDAY TICKET is a proven money maker for establishments nationwide. What would an increase in sales mean to your bottom line? The National Restaurant Association tells us that NFL fans stay longer. With over 180 channels plus amazing exclusive sports, this is just what you need to enhance your business. And, DIRECTV® does music, too.

DIRECTV® Sport Pack

The DIRECTV® Sport Pack regional sports networks allows you to provide your customers thousands of professional and college games per year in all the major sports






and more!

NFL Sunday Ticket Only on DIRECTV

82% of subscribers believe providing the sports programming available on DIRECTV® increases their business

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Samsung’s world-class picture quality with commercial-grade technologies for dependable and continuous usage. More durable than conventional household TVs, which are designed to operate only 8 hours a day, these TV displays can run up to 16 hours per day, even in harsh conditions like high temperatures or high humidity. And, this reliability is backed by a 3-year warranty that far outlasts typical consumer TV warranties that extend less than a year. Use them for promotional imagery and messages to engage customers with simultaneous live TV and customized content for an extended and versatile usability.


AT&T Internet for Business has it all! Fast Internet access with the features needed to stay connected. With speeds up to 1G, we can provide a business solution that is right. You can easily get coverage for your entire bar/restaurant and back of house. Got devices? We’ve got connections. AdcommTV’s fully-integrated, managed Wi-Fi and LAN services help businesses and their customers stay connected and protected.


Speeds up to 100Mbps downstream and up to 20Mbps upstream at a fraction of the cost of private line or Ethernet Internet access


Reliability you can count on – optimal performance, scalability and great security features

High Capacity

Support multiple employees that need simultaneous Internet access

Highly Secure

AT&T solutions can help protect your network. AT&T Internet Security Suite powered by McAfee® includes anti-spyware, anti-virus, and a firewall.


A commercial display is NOT a TV. It is a professional grade monitor used for displaying content in a professional commercial environment. Today, many fine dining, casual and quick service restaurants/bars are modernizing on-property experiences to entertain guests with internal, customized messaging that is built on a user-friendly platform. The simplicity of the software’s content and layout interface enables users to quickly design and launch a range of content, including menu boards, specials, promotions and informational messages. They come with extensive library of 200+ templates, editable stickers and widgets for added convenience. And, unlike consumer-class TVs, Samsung commercial displays are built for long duty cycles and come with longer warranties.


The Remote Prism™ Tunnel is specifically designed for bars and restaurants

When putting cable or satellite boxes on bar or restaurant TV’s, the remote control can interfere with adjacent TV’s. AdcommTV’s Remote Prism™ Tunnel solves that problem by reducing the IR pickup angle of the IR receiver. The Tunnel is mounted on the TV or wall directly below the TV. Bartenders, customers, or staff can now use their individual remotes and not worry about powering on/off, changing channels, or changing the volume of the adjacent or nearby TV’s. They can be mounted vertically for wider IR pickup angle, or horizontally for narrower IR pickup angle.

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