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Our products are equipped with a wide array of hotel-specific features like single-day alarms, Auto-DST, and security features to prevent theft. Minimize the service burden on your staff with easy time set and our innova¬tive battery-free clock memory. Our alarms/charging devices feature a single day alarm, simple 2-step alarm set, dimmable dis¬play, auto-day light savings, compact footprint, internal rechargeable memory backup- no backup batteries to replace, and tamper-proof time settings.
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AdcommTV delivers commercial appliances that boast outstanding performance and long life. Our warranty is one of the best in the industry, backed by an extensive parts program and national service network that provides in-and-out-of-warranty. From microwaves to in-room refrigerators, to wine coolers to swing door freezers, we have what you need.
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Today’s tech-savvy customers seek a differentiated environment that still provides a comfortable, at-home feel through access to a variety of professional and personal content, applications, and programs. AdcommTV’s innovative commercial display TVs offer new and exciting avenues for businesses to delight and engage guests while improving their operational efficiency.

Samsung Commercial Display TV


With best-in-class picture quality and exceptional durability, AdcommTV’s digital signage and displays elevate the traditional viewing experience, helping businesses deliver content that engages, informs and entertains. Specialized LED High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology optimizes the image, while elevated grayscale ensures detailed expression in low-brightness settings. We offer the widest range of commercial display solutions to meet almost any digital signage need. Many users of this technology report increased convenience and effectiveness with digital displays over traditional signage.
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Enhance your messaging with integrated, indoor, out-of-the-box, WiFi digital frame solutions that are simple, scalable, and affordable. Content is in your control and displayed seamlessly, saving time and cost. One provider of software, hardware and support — One browser-based CMS for all frames, signage and players. Easy remote management makes it easy to create, publish and schedule.
Digital Signage


AdcommTV helps businesses improve services, reduce costs and increase revenue with large-format displays. Digital displays are emerging rapidly as a viable and useful communication tool. This dynamic promotional method can grab attention in a way static signage cannot. When it comes to displays, bigger is usually better—unless you’re talking about the CRT monitors of yesteryear. Today’s large-format displays offer features and benefits that far exceed the offerings of old CRT displays—large-format LCDs take up less desk space, they are easier to move, they consume much less power, and they last longer.
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Our Innovative product line are design-focused, priced competitively and manufactured to the highest quality control standards. This collection features an elegantly designed frameless glass door whereby the glass sits on the frame versus inside as traditionally seen. The net effect is an all-glass face providing a premium look to any guestroom. Custom colors, finishes and hardware are available.
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Our TV mounts can be found in Hotels, Resorts, Convention Centers, Airports, Cruise Ships, Theme Parks, Arenas, Stadiums, Retail Stores, Offices, and more. When you factor in our commercial hospitality grade quality, long-standing track record and cost-effective price points, AdcommTV’s mounts make an excellent choice. Engineered to compete spec-for-spec with top-end brands but at pricing up to 50% less.
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We have replacement remotes for Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, College Dorms, Assisted Living Communities, and more whether you need brand specific or universal. AdcommTV is a preferred vendor of CleanRemote® universal remotes specifically designed for healthcare and hospitality. Keep your business safe and sanitary by cutting down on the germs and bacteria passed between guests and employees. We also offer DIRECTV®, Samsung, LG and RCA remote replacements.
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AdcommTV’s in-room safes are fully customizable and feature elegantly styled circular keypad panel with choice of touch screen or push-button keypad. The keypad perimeter trim and LEDs can be finished in various colors. The safe finish can be matte, smooth or metallic with additional finish options for the door, including our smooth AG or newly introduced automotive. As a finishing touch, we can add a decorative pull handle to match your room hardware
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We provide voice-based guest engagement software running on in-room hardware like the Ask Alexa – Amazon Echo. We offer our hospitality industry partners a full-service solution and can use your brand colors and logo. You can rely on our expertise to provide a truly seamless and extraordinary guest experience! Work with our team to create custom responses to guest questions. Populate information about your hotel, recommendations and more.

Volara Voice


Your guests live with technology. They rely on their devices and you want to make them feel at home with their tech devices during their stay. It’s no easy feat with guests constantly upgrading devices and new smart technologies being introduced, but AdcommTV has the solutions. Let us navigate this changing landscape to meet your guests’ needs and make them feel at home with hotel-friendly features.

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