Modernizing Today's Office Spaces for the Future

Modernizing Today's Office Spaces for the Future

Captivate, Entertain, Inform.


Boost morale and drive productivity from the break room to the boardroom with all the entertainment, news, and exclusive sports they love at home with AdcommTV. The ultimate TV experience is just what is needed to enrich the office’s ambiance and improve the morale of your workforce or clients. Bring in over 100 channels of news, sports, and entertainment with the power of DIRECTV. Offices will have access to HDTV and local channels at no extra cost.

AdcommTV offers more than just TV entertainment with the Play Music Choice Channels service to motivate the team all day long with favorite and new tunes with various music channels—and without any additional licensing fees. Unlike cable, you can get DIRECTV® nationwide, and they offer 99% worry-free signal reliability, based on a nationwide study of representative cities.

TVs for Every Budget.


Unlike consumer TVs, AdcommTV offers an extensive line of industry-leading commercial TV displays compatible with content management solutions, letting you control the content across TVs from one central location. Our Hospitality TVs typically come with more extended two-year warranties and service from technicians familiar with today’s business needs. They also come with lockable features to prevent unwanted tampering and Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption technology to deploy and protect premium content rapidly. We have three categories to help businesses of every type and size. Standard models offer versatile, cost-effective displays with enhanced functionality. Premium commercial TVs are convenient all-in-one displays that provide expanded interactive services with minimal investment. Our luxury series feature 4K ultra-HD that have a sleek, elegant design and are user-centric. Explore the benefits of commercial-grade TVs that will benefit your business, from warranties to maintenance, technology, and security.

Reliable, Blazing Fast Connections.


Speed and price are essential for business internet, but you have more to consider to keep things running smoothly. Your internet connection reliability—and what the provider will do for you if something goes wrong—should hold the same importance when making a purchase decision. AdcommTV provides you super-fast Internet access using multiple broadband access technologies. With the features, you need to stay connected to your customers, business partners, suppliers, and employees. Users will have the ability to upload, download and share large data files quickly, can back up to the cloud from one or more data locations, and have faster research and browsing capabilities on the web.

We suggest choosing a business internet plan with a dedicated connection, and you won’t have to share. That’s a huge plus since it allows you and your employees to stream video chat, upload documents, and download files without worrying about anyone else hogging the connection during peak hours. AdcommTV can recommend and draft a scalable plan for your business no matter how large your office space, number of employees, or number of locations. Bundles are also a great way to save some money, especially if you need more than just the internet. Most ISPs will bundle your business internet with phone, TV, or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services at a lower cost than if you bought each plan separately. Ask us more today, and get the right solution for your business.

Bring Your Office to Life.


Improve employee communications, welcome visitors and customers, and streamline operations to maximize efficiency in corporate offices and small businesses with digital office signage. Users can customize content in real-time to relate to different teams. Help customers and visitors navigate your space with ease with interactive wayfinding displays and digital directories. Strengthen your company culture and keep your employees focused on shared goals by keeping your teams connected by sharing company news, key productivity indicators, or motivational messages on digital display boards. Increase attendance to company events and office gatherings effectively while making it easy for staff to stay connected. Recognize workplace achievements, employee birthdays, and work anniversaries to encourage and motivate staff while keeping morale high in the workplace. Keep staff, visitors, and customers safe in case of emergency by displaying instructions and procedures on what to do. You can even live stream on your digital signage. These effective visual displays provide an array of options to boost your business.