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Some minifridge suppliers are promoting the concept of “one look fits all.” This cookie-cutter approach may work for some properties but not for the majority. We believe that aesthetics, customization, and technology can be combined to provide each property with unique, branded minifridges. Our technological innovations contribute to improved customer satisfaction and improved services while reducing overhead costs simultaneously. Innovative fridges are high-quality construction and built for performance. Backed by an industry-leading warranty, all fridges are loaded with features and equipped with an energy-efficient cooling system. Our compact designs boost a silent absorption cooling system and feature solid and glass doors, upper and lower door balconies, adjustable cold cube shelves, reversible doors, metal bodies, and more.

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Custom, Branded Drawer, Laptop and Wall Safes

AdcommTV offers the lodging industry a wide variety of digital safes that combine the best in security software, cutting edge technology, and aesthetic appeal. Innovative safes are user-friendly, laptop-compatible, ADA compliant, equipped with our trademark large & bright digital display. They boost an audit trail (last 500 events), have a low battery warning indicator, and a beep tone confirmation. These safes are secured with twin bolt locking mechanisms and feature a concealed mechanical key override (never drill a door again) and are built to your branding specifications. They are only manufactured to the highest of standards. Our electronic safes are found in leading hotel chains throughout the US. These safes are of high quality, design-focused, and fully loaded with features. The bright LED digital display has a matching lighted keypad, and you pick the color. The finish can be matte, smooth, or metallic, with additional finish options for the door. We have an assortment of colors and other decorative options to choose from, including wood, stone, and other finishes, or we can match your brand precisely.
Magic Chef Appliances
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Quality Commercial-Grade Appliances

AdcommTV offers strong brands that provide trust, value, and performance without compromise. With a product range of high-quality, value-priced products that feature the newest technology and functional design features. Magic Chef Commercial appliances are the must-have, cooking essential for professional kitchens and high-volume usage in hospitality. We deliver commercial appliances that boast outstanding performance and long life. Our warranty is one of the best in the industry, backed by an extensive parts program and national service network that provides in-and-out-of-warranty. We have what you need for your property, from microwaves to in-room refrigerators to wine coolers to swing door freezers.
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Suite & Unique Alarm Clocks + Charging Stations

The days of boring boxes with cluttered but¬tons are over. If you’re the kind of hotel that differentiates with design, you need mod¬ern designs that are different. From form factor to unique decor inspired finishes, even our stock options are anything but standard. Our products are equipped with a wide array of hotel-specific features like single-day alarms, Auto-DST, and security features to prevent theft. Minimize the service burden on your staff with easy time set and our innova¬tive battery-free clock memory. Our alarms/charging devices feature a single day alarm, simple 2-step alarm set, dimmable dis¬play, auto-day light savings, compact footprint, internal rechargeable memory backup- no backup batteries to replace, and tamper-proof time settings. We designed our products from the ground up to delight today’s guests focused on their mobile phones and portable devices. With Qi Fast Wireless Charging and Dual USB ports, they’ll never go hunting for an outlet again. Plus, excellent features like dimmable displays and Lightsleeper™ mean they are sure to sleep well too. Drive guests to your mobile app and increase social media interaction with links and QR codes in a perfect spot right where guests have their phone in-hand. Increase revenue by promoting on-proper¬ty restaurants, bars, shopping, and spa in a high-visibility spot in the room. Today, hotels across the world are starting to welcome guests back to their hotels. With it comes numerous sanitation and cleanliness measures that are aimed at keeping guests healthy and safe. One of those new initiatives includes the increased use of UltraViolet – or more specifically, UV-C light – which can kill various microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. Ask us about the NEW UV Station that sanitizes cell phones and TV remote controls.
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Branded Voice-Control Devices for Hospitality

Through Amazon’s “Alexa,” this voice-based guest engagement software results in an innovative and hassle-free way of communicating on the spot during a guest’s on-site experience. Through enabling controls within the hotel that mirror what guests are now deploying within their own home, the hospitality industry demonstrates its willingness to engage with guests’ technology needs and desires while also providing ‘smart’ and sustainable environments. Alexa for Hospitality is an exciting prospect because we can tailor it to each hotel’s services and technology, enhancing the guest experience, not only in improving hotel room functionality but also by connecting to core services. These speakers can also be connected to in-room technology, such as heating, air conditioning, televisions, and lights. Guests would use voice commands to control all of these things from anywhere in the room. Using an Amazon Echo in their room, guests can control and adjust compatible in-room devices like lights, thermostats, blinds, and TVs to their individual preferences or ask Alexa to play music from popular services iHeartRadio and Pandora. Many exciting Alexa for Hospitality features — such as music and smart home — are available out-of-the-box, though hospitality providers may also choose to develop custom skills to customize the guest experience. For example, guests could ask Alexa for information like the Wi-Fi password or fitness center location, request hotel services like room service or housekeeping, call the concierge, and more.