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AdcommTV Infographic

Need Internet? What businesses should consider

AVAILABILITY A high-speed cable or fiber connection doesn’t do your business any good if the provider does not service your area. With AdcommTV, we offer many options to get your business connected, and at affordable prices SPEED Businesses must ensure that they have the sufficient speed to not disrupt daily use, even when demand is […]

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It's How Today's Guest Watch . Person streaming contents of phone onto tv

It’s How Today’s Guest Watch

ROOMCAST Your guests have a world of content in the palm of their hands. With Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Showtime, ESPN and hundreds more apps, they access all their favorite content on their smart devices. What if there were an easy way for guests to stream their content directly to your in-room TV? TeleAdapt has developed […]

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customer experience for

Customer Experience Trends for 2019

Customer Care in the Social and Mobile Era Most business leaders today understand that providing a great customer care experience has a substantial impact when it comes to customer retention and increased revenue. Nevertheless, the majority of companies still look at their customer care operations as an unnecessary cost to the business that needs to […]

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samsung business display

Samsung Business Display Solutions

Technology Services Do you have the right strategic business partner helping you to plan and execute your digital transformation swiftly? See the most important trends in technology services in 2019 Get on trend to deliver business outcomes and delight your customers Get your business up to speed by understand how technology services will change in […]

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screen shot    at

DIRECTV® Residential Experience

Make your guests feel at home with the DIRECTV Residential Experience. The DIRECTV Residential Experience offers premium entertainment benefiting your hotel and guests. Full residential lineup with access to over 100 HD Channels Technology that’s easy, flexible and compatible with most TVs and wiring No Pro: Idiom TVs required Simplified, anti-microbial remote Download: https://xgw8ff.a2cdn1.secureserver.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/hdtv-entertainment-new.pdf

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Free-to-guest Services

AdcommTV offers DIRECTV’s full suite of free-to-guest solutions will transform your properties , help reduce servicing costs, and provide the ultimate entertainment experiences for all your guests. The Ulitmate HDTV Entertainment Experience The DIRECTV Residental Experience (DRE) provides the best interactive HD entertainment for a consistent in-room guest experience across the country. Properities benefit with […]

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YourbuildingisDIRECTV ready

Your Building is DIRECTV-Ready

DIRECTV® For Multi Dwelling Units (MDU) State-of-the-art technology solutions for any property size. Both residents and property owners or managers can access DIRECTV® for MDUs (categorized as any building or complex encompassing more than one home or dwelling). The most commonly serviced units are condominiums and apartment buildings. If you are a property manager or […]

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COM3000 from DIRECTV®

DIRECTV® COM3000 Headend Hotel Television System by Technicolor The COM3000 Headend takes the next step in providing the TV experience Hotel guests are clamoring for. It is the latest in a line of revolutionary headend television systems from DIRECTV. This system is the smallest and most powerful headend TV system available for hotels, RV parks […]

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ProvidetheBestIn RoomPatientEntertainmentExperiencewithDIRECTV

Provide the Best In-Room Patient Entertainment Experience with DIRECTV

DIRECTV® DRE Make your patients feel like they’re at home Help banish patient boredom with the DIRECTV® Residential Experience (DRE). DRE delivers a robust entertainment experience your patients will love with access to over 100 HD channels, movies, and shows. The easy-to-use, anti-microbial remote offers entertainment access through a simple programming guide, just likes patients […]

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BringaFuture ReadyEntertainmentExperiencetoYourPropertywiththeAdvancedEntertainmentPlatform 

Bring a Future-Ready Entertainment Experience to Your Property with the Advanced Entertainment Platform 

DIRECTV’s next-generation content delivery solution provides DIRECTV® linear satellite and broadband over-the-top (OTT) content for an enhanced entertainment experience for your patients. This next-generation solution adds an in-room set-top box, antimicrobial custom remote, and cloud services to the HD COM Systems.

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Digital Signage in Healthcare

Digital Signage in Healthcare

If the mission of digital signage technology really is to get the right messages to the right people at the right times and locations, healthcare is the perfect example of why that matters. With few exceptions, from small clinics to giant medical campuses, health care facilities are places punctuated by joy and sadness, anxiety, and a need for answers and clarity.

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pillow speaker

Pillow Speaker Interface for Healthcare

Pillow Speaker Interface for Healthcare Control Cable or Satellite STB’s with any Pillow Speaker Key features • Allows for typical hospital pillow speakers to control a cable or sat box as well as the TV • Now patients can enjoy a home-like viewing experience using a pillow speaker • Compatible with all major pillow speakers […]

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6 Benefits of Technology in the Hospitality Industry

ADCOMMTV & INSIGHT PRESENTS 6 Benefits of Technology in the Hospitality Industry Customer expectations are changing. Technology can help businesses in the hospitality industry stay relevant and competitive, save time and money, and increase client satisfaction in six important ways. 1. Relevance Guests are more likely to recommend locations that are up-to-date. Stay ahead of […]

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Nonstop Alarms & Charging Stations

Alarm and Charging Stations Designed for Hospitality Technology progresses, guests are on the move, and design trends forward. Our products are uniquely compelling for hotels because our business is a unique collaboration of award-winning product design, backed by experienced consumer electronics’ manufacturing and led by seasoned hotel-savvy management. We’re on the pulse of the latest […]

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Volara Voice

Just Ask: Voice Technology Makes Waves in Hospitality

AdcommTV’s Article: Lodging Magazine Just Ask: Voice Technology Makes Waves in Hospitality While scientists have yet to introduce jetpacks, flying cars, 
and, of course, hoverboards to the general population, 
we are living in an amazing era of incredible technology. 
We communicate faster and better than ever before, and 
automation is making hard and complicated tasks […]

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hotel tvs and other great appliances

Hospitality Commercial Appliances Top Supplier

Magic Chef Commercial Appliances Everything for Hospitality Magic Chef Commercial is hospitality’s, must-have, cooking essentials by offering a range of high-quality, value-priced commercial cooking products featuring proven design and the newest technology. Products boast outstanding performance and long life through the use of superior engineering, dynamic manufacturing techniques, and high-quality materials. AdcommTV can help hoteliers […]

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If you have IR receiver's mounted on your TV bezel, then you need Stealth Remote Prisms instead

Alleviate Guest Concerns About Hidden Cameras

Do Your Guests Think There’s Cameras In Your Rooms? Problem Solved: REST ASSURED WITH REMOTE PRISM™ The Stealth Remote Prism™ is a fully HIDDEN IR Receiver, that is guaranteed to solve the camera problem. Now available for DIRECTV® Residential Experience (DRE), and all cable systems. • Stealth is a low cost, direct replacement for the […]

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Building Blocks For The Connected Campus


ADCOMMTV WHITE PAPER Building Blocks for a Connected Campus Wireless networks, collaboration tools, and other solutions position colleges to facilitate learning inside and outside the classroom. For today’s college students, constant connectivity isn’t just an expectation. It’s a requirement. Students arrive on campus with carloads of connected devices: tablets, smartphones, and laptops; fitness trackers, smartwatches, […]

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Volara: Engage your guest with voice

Volara Engage your guests with Voice

ADCOMMTV: Voice for Hospitality WHY VOLARA? When voice-based devices are integrated into the hotel through Volara’s voice-hub, guest engagement and staff communications improve markedly. Our solution is fully customized to extend your hotel’s brand to the voice-medium and get your guests talking…literally. PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE Volara offers proprietary, hotel-grade software that is device and platform agnostic, […]

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Consumer vs. Commercial TVs for the Hotel Room

Consumer vs. Commercial TVs for the Hotel Room. The Difference is in the Details. WARRANTY & SERVICES Commercial: Commercial TVs typically come with standard two-year warranties with the option to purchase extended coverage. Post-sale services also include exchange for any damaged TVs upon arrival or on-site repairs by certified technicians. Consumer: Consumer TVs have limited […]

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Smart Building and the Future of Work PDF

Smart Buildings and the Future of Work

AdcommTV Briefing SMART BUILDINGS and the Future of Work Emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (loT), Big Data, and Intelligent Building Management Systems (iBMS) are fundamentally changing how modern buildings are designed, built, and operated. Enter the smart building. Smart buildings are those that utilize cutting-edge technology to enhance the experience of occupants, […]

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Accelerate into the Future with the leading Display technology PDF

Accelerate into the Future with the Leading Display Technology

Samsung continually stretches technology to stay ahead of industry competition, developing the most advanced and differentiated products that are specifically designed to increase productivity and efficiency. As business practices evolve, Samsung will consistently deliver solutions with the newest technological advantages to support the needs of business partners.

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Bring the Ultimate DIRECTV® Experience to Campus with Phil

Bring the Ultimate DIRECTV® Experience to Campus with Philo Philo provides your university customers access to popular DIRECTV® programming on their laptops, tablets, and mobile devices anywhere on the private campus data network. With Philo, residents can now watch live TV or record their favorite programs to watch on their own schedule, anywhere on campus. […]

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Staycast: The Ultimate Streaming Service

Guests’ are already streaming (or trying to stream) in hotel rooms – STAYCAST™ offers your guests the comfortable familiarity of the home by enabling them to stream content from 1000+ mobile apps to the biggest screen in the room.

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Network Downtime

Network Downtime

Working in the Dark Denying the True Cost of Network Downtime As the price of downtime increases each year, it’s more important than ever to stay connected. Does your business continuity plan have a failover option for unexpected outages? How often does downtime occur? Even with 99% of uptime businesses will still experience 87+ hours […]

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real world stats

15 Real World Stats That Prove Digital Signage Works

Real-World Stats that Prove Digital Signage Works Digital signage engages more people than email, print, or static signs. Messages, news, videos, and alerts are delivered instantly and reliably to engage viewers, motivate action, and drive change. Here are real-world stats that prove it works: • Over 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual […]

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State of the Connected Customer PDF Cover

State of the Connected Customer

Insights from 6,700+ consumers and business buyers on the intersection of experience, technology, and trust State of the Connected Customer: Salesforce Research Executive Summary Rising generations take for granted that they can order almost anything by just talking to a device. But their parents remember when mail-order catalogs were the norm. Suffice to say, technology […]

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Your business runs fast. PDF Cover

Your business runs fast. It needs an Internet service provider that can keep up.

AT&T High-Speed Internet from ADCOMMTV Your business runs fast. It needs an Internet service provider that can keep up. AT&T High-Speed Internet-Enterprise provides you super-fast Internet access using multiple broadband access technologies. With the features, you need to stay connected to your customers, business partners, suppliers, and employees. • Speeds up to 1Gbps downstream/upstream at […]

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patient entertainment

Patient Entertainment

Provide the best in-room patient entertainment experience with DIRECTV AdcommTV offers a variety of affordable and manageable entertainment experience options for your hospital and patients. ASK about Equipment Subsidies! Healthcare facilities and patients will benefit from: • Nationwide coverage • Access to local channels and international programming package add-ons • Technology that’s easy, flexible, and […]

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Cover of The Building Blocks of Digital Displays brochure

The Building Blocks of Digital Displays

AdcommTV: THE INS AND OUTS OF DIGITAL SIGNAGE The Building Blocks of Digital Displays According to a Spiceworks survey of more than 150 IT professionals in the U.S., about half of respondents are already using commercial-grade digital signage, primarily for public information, internal communications, and/or marketing promotions. Of those, almost three-quarters are using indoor LCD […]

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Cover of Digital Signage is Growing

Digital Signage is Growing

Digital Signage is Growing and for a Reason The benefits, demand, and value of digital displays are on the rise according to an infographic and survey by Digitalsignage.net. Data from their survey shows that more businesses are spending more money to use digital signs to increase sales and awareness of their brand. Half of their […]

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Seeing the Big Picture: Commerical Displays or Consumer TVs

Seeing the Big Picture:Commercial Displays or Consumer TVs

Commercial displays used for digital signage may look similar to TVs, but outfitting consumer technology in a business environment is likely to lead to problems. This quick reference guide will help clear up the static, highlighting 15 key reasons why you should select a commercial-grade solution like Samsung’s Smart Signage displays.

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EveryHotelierShouldAskAboutIn roomGuestTVsPDF

Every Hotelier Should Ask About In-room Guest TVs

ONE: What Types of In-room Guest TVs Are There and What Does LG Offer?

Value-based to mid-tier hotels: Pro:Centric “V” RF/coax-only models (with STB)
• 32” – 65” LED screen sizes, FHD and UHD
• Supports a fully interactive electronic program guide
• Remote TV configuration and programming

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digital hoteliers


By Larry Mogelonsky In a mobile-everything world, hoteliers must think of ways to amplify their hotel experiences purely through digital means and without the time-honored ability to ingratiate yourself with customers via in-person “service with a smile.” Prior to the COVID crisis, all hoteliers already knew that a large percentage of potential guests were conducting [...]

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Why invest in Pro:Idiom technology? Many content providers require Pro:Idiom in order for the guest rooms to receive a High Definition (HD) Signal – and a hotel television signal encrypted with Pro:Idiom requires a HD TV that can decrypt that signal. The simplest explanation is that Pro:Idiom is a patented technology that allows the protection [...]

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Patient engagement is aimed at improving the patient experience, patient satisfaction, and patient outcomes. Leveraging interactive patient engagement technology is one-way hospitals are trying to improve patient engagement. But what do the nurses want from this technology? Effective Positive Distraction Nurses want to ease the loneliness, fear, and anxiety of a hospital stay for their [...]

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Virtual Tours Amid Pandemic


INTERNATIONAL REPORT—Hotels are adjusting to the new normal, introducing programs and resources for guests. These new, digital tools help guests stay engaged at home and safe on-property: LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort Hosts Virtual Tours Unfortunately, this year, due to current travel restrictions, many couples are unable to explore potential wedding destinations in person at [...]

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Conference room of people discussing Modern Technology


Written by: Chelsea Segal No matter how much we sometimes wish we could replace conference rooms, they are often the best place to get a fair amount of work done. Even in a digital era, face-to-face meetings are still extremely valuable, and that means it’s worth it to invest in modern conference room technology and conference room [...]

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Wireless Devices


Every year, the number of Qi Wireless Charging compatible devices increases and has grown to include much more than Smartphones and toothbrushes.  Manufacturers of smart watches, headphones, tablets and more are building the Qi standard into their devices to make it easy for consumers to get a charge without having to connect a cable. Currently, [...]

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Check out Adcomm's most recent TV News! Including updates on AT&T, DIRECTV, VoIP, and upcoming, revolutionary technology and services.


LG for Business — As senior living options continue to grow and evolve, we’re seeing an increase of commercial display technologies in today’s independent senior living communities, assisted living facilities and CCRCs (continuum of care retirement communities). One of the main reasons is that the new generation of seniors is more tech savvy, and better [...]

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Multiple Technology Graphics


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a type of technology that allows its users to make calls using the broadband Internet rather than the conventional or analog phone system. VoIP works by converting sound into digital voice communication and then transferring it through Internet broadband. So if you are using a VoIP telephone system, you [...]

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Alexa, ask the Hotel Information Card

Volara CEO Reveals How Amazon Alexa Can Make You a Better Hotelier

Most of the ‘artificial intelligence’ being sold to hotels isn’t actually artificial intelligence.  The drones used to deliver room service champagne to the ultra elite back in 2014 was just a PR stunt.  Don’t even get us started on Google’s attempt to outfit hotel staff with Google Glass lenses.  The list goes on and on. While [...]

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Nixplay in a restaurant

Nixplay Signs Distribution Agreement with Sherpa Group

Nixplay, the world's leading smart photo frame designer and manufacturer, and Sherpa Group, a Montreal-based, exclusive marketing agency and distributor of premium audio video and communications products from some of the most prestigious brands on the market, have signed an agreement appointing Sherpa Group as a distributor of Nixplay Signage's range of digital signage displays, small [...]

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Volara by the beside

Voice for Hospitality, Volara

New York and Menlo Park, Calif. — July, 2019 — Volara is now powering the independent WooHoo® Enterprise AI Assistant for hotels from SmartBeings. Through a technical integration and exclusive distribution arrangement, hotel guests can now speak or touch a screen to command the Volara-powered independent voice assistant solution to order toiletries, contact the valet, [...]

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What 5G means for business

The 5G network will offer revolutionary speed and much more by Robert Boyanovsky, Vice President of Enterprise Mobility, AT&T Business People from some of the world’s most influential businesses visit our Executive Briefing Center in Dallas every day. The center is a place for us to showcase our latest innovations that can impact companies across [...]

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Operating a hotel with the touch of a button

Four Ways IoT Technology Can Help Hotels Operate Smarter

Consumers are welcoming the internet of things (IoT) into their homes, connecting everything from phones, TVs, and security systems to thermostats, lighting, refrigerators, and coffee makers. Now that their homes are “smart,” people expect the same level of intelligence in their hotel rooms, making the IoT the next big opportunity for the hospitality industry. To [...]

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Hotel using Digital signage advertising

How Small Hotels and Budget Brands Meet Critical Connectivity Demands

Donna Cobb, executive director of strategic partnerships and influencer marketing at Comcast Business, says WiFi and, with it, the bandwidth to power guests’ multiple devices—not just in their rooms, but throughout the property—is no longer an “amenity”—it’s a requirement, even for small boutiques and budget franchises. She discussed this reality, along with steps that even […]

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Two hospital TVs

10 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Healthcare-Grade TVs

When shopping for entertainment solutions for patients, providers want to be sure the devices are safe, reliable, and are technically intuitive so they meet the high standards expected in healthcare. Since technology is constantly evolving, it can be challenging to know how displays differ technically from looking at them on the outside. Here’s a checklist […]

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Hospital and TV marketing in a waiting room

The What and Why of Digital Signs in Hospital and Healthcare Marketing

Printed posters and static signs have evolved to a digital format that’s attention getting and versatile. And digital signage is an affordable and cost effective marketing tool that should not be overlooked.It’s a significant lost opportunity for many medical and healthcare offices, hospitals and clinics. Interior signagein particular is one of the most versatile and cost [...]

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Lady viewing a digital signage screen

Digital Wayfinding

The digital world and the physical world are becoming more and more integrated, and nowhere is that clearer than with interactive wayfinding. This is more than just putting some maps up on a screen. People today interact with visual information in a number of ways, and there are some simple but effective best practices you […]

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On a sign, this hotel has wifi access with a cup of coffee.

Connection Is Key: Solving Issues Surrounding Hotel WiFi

Roadblocks that impact hotel WiFi connectivity are challenging to mitigate. Bill Gustafson, senior enterprise engineer for hospitality for Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company that specializes in networking, weighs in on obstacles that may inhibit a property’s WiFi connectivity and ways to solve those issues. What makes WiFi challenging for hotels? Consumers want to continue to live […]

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Woman using digital white board

The Smartest Meeting Ever, Introducing the 2019 ‘Samsung Flip’

As needs for a smart meeting environment are increasing, there is growing interest in the 2019 Samsung Flip. The audience at the recent InfoComm 2019 had a chance to try the product, and when they experienced it, they were amazed at the speed of the pen and texture of the brush as well as how […]

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A woman with LG digital signage


LG Electronics (LG) is showcasing its newest exciting business solutions in Orlando, Florida (USA) recently at InfoComm 2019. From Micro LED signage, Transparent OLED signage, Open Frame OLED displays to a diverse lineup of LED products, LG is bringing a wide-range of commercial display products that is sure to capture the imaginations of attendees at […]

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