Your business runs fast. It needs an Internet service provider that can keep up.

AT&T High-Speed Internet from ADCOMMTV
Your business runs fast. It needs an Internet service provider that can keep up.

AT&T High-Speed Internet-Enterprise provides you super-fast Internet access using multiple broadband access technologies. With the features, you need to stay connected to your customers, business partners, suppliers, and employees.

• Speeds up to 1Gbps downstream/upstream at an affordable price
• Reliability you can count on –optimal performance, scalability over AT&T’s highly secure network
• High capacity to support multiple employees that need simultaneous Internet access
• The ability to support a Wi-Fi network for your employees or your customers


• Symmetric and Asymmetric speeds from 768Kbps up to 1Gbps
• Static and Dynamic IP addressing
• Single contract and invoice for all locations
• Wi-Fi networking via Router or Fiber Broadband Gateway
• On-site installation by AT&T technicians

Potential Benefits:

• Quickly upload, download and share large data files
• Easily back up to the cloud from one or more data locations
• Video conference with customers, suppliers, and business partners
• Faster research and browsing on the web

Broadband Access
Customer locations may qualify for several transport options provisioned using copper, a combination of copper and fiber, or all fiber. For customers in AT&T Fiber ready buildings, service is provisioned on Ethernet over fiber up to 1Gbps with asymmetrical and symmetrical options.

Reliability in the Network
AT&T is a leading Tier-1 Internet service provider with a high performing IP network and service level agreements including install intervals, network availability, network latency, and packet loss.

AT&T High-Speed Internet – Enterprise is no ordinary Internet connection. Businesses can expect reliability, optimal performance, and scalability on a highly secure network from one of the world’s leading service providers.

What can you do with faster Internet speeds?

• Ready access to AT&T’s high-speed fiber backbone at qualifying building locations.
• Quickly upload, download, and share large data files and images.
• Easy backup in the cloud at one or multiple locations.
• Video conference with suppliers, customers, and business partners.
• Reliability, optimal performance scalability, and great security features.

Consolidate and save
AT&T High-Speed Internet – Enterprise offers

• Nationwide footprint
• Single contract and discounting covering multiple Broadband and DSL technologies
• Consolidated invoice for all sites ordered
• Enterprise Customer Care – one number to call for Service Delivery, Service Assurance or Billing
• Tools for prequalification, site design, and billing information
• Platform to support over-the-top customer applications

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