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SunBrite® Outdoor TVs

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SunBriteOutdoorTV VerandaSeries

SunBrite® Veranda Series

This is the series where outdoor meets affordable. Stop using an indoor TV for bars, patios, poolside and outdoor lounges. Now here’s a true, outdoor rated 4K UHD TV with HDR that is brighter, safer and reliable

SB-V-43-4KHDR-B – 43”
SB-V-55-4KHDR-B – 55”
SB-V-65-4KHDR-B – 65”
SB-V-75-4KHDR-B – 75”

SunBrite Outdoor TV Signature Series

SunBrite® Signature Series

This series has been completely upgraded for even greater performance. The all-new 4K UHD commercial-grade screens with TruVision anti-glare technology are up 3 times brighter than typical indoor TVs

SB-S-43-4K – 43”
SB-S-55-4K – 55”
SB-S-65-4K – 65”
SB-S-75-4K – 75”

SunBrite Outdoor TV Pro Series

SunBrite® Pro-Series

Designed to withstand the harshest environments, this series is completely weatherproof and features ultra-bright, heat-resistant screens for direct sunlight applications

SB-3211HD – 32”
SB-4217HD – 42”
SB-4917HD – 49”
SB-5518HD – 55”